Translation Classes And 3 Examples Of Industry Localization


Translation classes teach bilingual adult students the skills and techniques required to translate complex written texts from one language to another. You might be thinking to yourself: "so it's reading text in one language and writing in another? I am fluent in multiple languages, why do I need a translation classes for that?" In some instances, you might be correct. We don't know the English comprehension level of everyone reading this post; and you could have an exceptional understanding of every language, and you could be so smart and savvy that you already know how to become a certified translator without spending time and money on the class. If this is the case and you don't want to pursue a translator certification, then we sincerely congratulate you and wish you well in your profession. And while this situation is technically possible... it is highly unlikely; because in most cases, simply being bilingual isn't enough for a language profession like interpreting or translating. If your goal is to obtain a translation certificate our expert instructors✅ provide the very best of what's possible with online learning. Combining the convenience of remote learning with the advantages of having a traditional classroom experience, our online courses are always 100% LIVE through video conferencing technology✅ and are delivered in a highly unique and engaging✅ manner. For most, translation courses are the building blocks for a successful translator career in healthcare, technology, or business which all use localization.


What is localization, and how is it related to translation classes?

Localization refers to the process of adapting a written translation to a specific country or region. In addition to re-writing something in a different language, distinct markets and their cultural differences demand different iterations of a product that must sound authentic everywhere it comes up: think pictures, ad campaigns, website etc. Localization is an essential component of translator classes because there are different stylistic approaches to take, different models of translation and different translation and localization technologies to learn.


3 examples of localization in different industries, using techniques learned in translation classes:


1- Take translation classes to work in the medical industry

Many medical professionals utilized translation classes during the 2020 Corona-virus lockdowns. With the fast, and precedented outbreak, the world needed to share complete medical information between healthcare providers, governments and patients often several times a day. Timely and accurate localization was essential to facilitate the sharing of information at such a scale, and localization techniques by translators made it possible.

2- Want to work in the technology industry? Here's how translation classes can be put to work

translation classes, Translator Job OverviewAs technology and innovation continue to advance, there's a fundamental need for worldwide connection that must go beyond language barriers. As more companies seek competition on the global scale, expanding marketing materials to include multiple different audiences who speak multiple different languages is essential for success. Every website, every iteration of a video game, commercials etc all utilize techniques learned in translation classes.

3- Translation classes can improve your standing in e-commerce fields

Expanding businesses to reach more people in more languages is not a small feat. Think of the global e-commerce behemoths like e-bay and Amazon. They are constantly getting newer, and better product in more places around the globe. As these companies expand, they will continue to require more localization, and the technique they require is taught in translation classes.




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