Our Translator Certificate Course, A.I & Your Future Job


Our translator certificate course teaches bilingual adults how to become language translators. Where, in addition to learning approaches and techniques, our students will learn essential skills and operating equipment that are essential for the job. So whether you aspire to work in business, law, healthcare or any other professional industry- we can turn your professional dreams into reality.

For professional translators, it is their job to convert written materials from one language to another, without detection. Our translation and localization course shows bilingual adult students different methods and skills how to do it seamlessly, while learning from expert instructors. So in a modern world, where A.I (artificial intelligence) is becoming more widely used, is a translator certificate course necessary? Is there even a future for certified translators?


"Why take a translator certificate course when there's A.I?"

There is no denying the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I). In the last few years, we have seen A.I become more sophisticated than many people would like to admit. And with it comes questions about job security, across many fields. People are worried about the future of their jobs and whether their live's work will become obsolete or unnecessary in a few years. If this resonates with you, here's a few things to remember:

- A.I is a tool, not a replacement

translator certificate course, language translators, public service interpreters, advanced medical interpreting training, interpreter certification, Medical interpreter training, legal interpreter training,Human language is constantly evolving. Right now, A.I is nowhere near ready to take over entire industries. And with language evolving, jobs are likely to evolve with it. We must remember that in life, the only certainty is change. So as industries begin to incorporate A.I more into daily processes, human jobs are going to require a move into the post-edit realm. So we will likely see A.I doing the brunt of initial work, and human contribution will be fine-tuning.

- A.I will create new opportunities

With any new process or method of doing something, comes new opportunities. Think of the last 100 years and all the technological advancements. When the internet, cell phones, and color TV were brand new things, people were worried then, too. But with each of those advancements brought new opportunities, and the same is true with A.I.

Language translators will be needed for quality control, product adaptation and tech support. And this is just what experts are foreseeing at the present moment. It isn't an exaggeration to say that A.I will bring with it another industrial revolution and it is yet to be seen just what will be required in a few decades.

- Ethical considerations with A.I

In specialized fields like law & medicine for example, ethical considerations with privacy, bias and data security will become topics that require human scrutiny. Are there limitations with A.I and if so, what are they? Where and to what degree does consent come into play, especially where sensitive information is concerned. Human translators, and likely lawyers will be vital to create and uphold ethical standards in language translation.


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