Haitian Creole Medical Interpreting & Its History In The U.S.A


When it comes to Haitian Creole medical interpreting, students are finding medical interpreter jobs in Florida, New York and Boston. According to the United States Census of 1990, there were about 290,000 people who claimed Haitian ancestry that year. It should be noted that this figure doesn't include those who immigrated illegally. Since it's founding in 1776, the United States has experienced 5 major periods of Haitian immigration:

  1. during French colonization of Hispaniola from 1656 - 1790
  2. during the Haitian revolution from 1791 - 1803
  3. during the period of United States occupation of Haiti from 1915 - 1934
  4. during the period of the Duvaliers from 1957 - 1986
  5. after the overthrow of President Aristide in 1991.



The period of the Duvaliers refers to the three decades when François "papa doc" and Jean-Claude "baby doc" held political power & caused droves of Haitian civilians to seek asylum in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, France, Dominican Republic, French Guyana and various African countries. During the 1980s, many Haitian immigrants arrived on the shores of the United States by boat- colloquially referred to as "boat people"- when President Carter gave Haitian refugees a similar legal status to those of Cuban descent. Although President Regan ultimately ended the Carter immigration policies, and illegally detained Haitian refugees during his administration, a similar pattern of immigration occurred throughout the 90s & 2000s during the Clinton and Bush administrations, respectively.

Haitian creole medical interpreting Immigration Interpreters

The legality of Haitian immigration trends, the circumstances under which they arrived, the ethics of how immigrants were treated upon arrival can and have been debated since the United States was established as an independent democracy. Every wave of major Haitian migration has resulted from political turmoil, and have historically not been met with a warm welcome on U.S shores. Despite the hostility, Haitian-Americans people established close-knit communities in Florida, New York and Boston over the years, while keeping their culture in tact, with pride and dignity. After destructive hurricanes of 2004 & 2008 and earthquakes of 2010, Haitian Creole populations grew and continue to grow to this day.


Modern-day, Haitian Creole medical interpreting

By settling in highly educated metropolitan cities like Boston and New York, Haitian-Americans were able to assimilate into the population and find work in elite fields like medicine, education and law and other common industries among Boston-based Haitian communities like tax preparation, restaurant & catering, financial management. One thing is true across all industries: Haitian-English interpreters are needed for every industry. Specifically with medical interpreting, it is very important to have bilingual adults available to interpret for Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients who wouldn't understand how to communicate in emergencies. Our 60hr medical interpreter online training class is taught by experts in the field ✅ who have created a unique and engaging✅ online interpreter training curriculum that includes 100% LIVE webinar style classes✅.

Modern-day Haitian creole medical interpreting encompasses everything from a standard medical interpreter training class that EXCEEDS mandatory requirements✅ to enroll for the official medical interpreter certification exam. To become a certified medical interpreter in the United States, you must pass the nationally recognized certification exam which requires participants to complete a 40hr medical interpreting training course. Modern Haitian creole medical interpreting also includes Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) which allow interpreters to work from home with remote interpreting training.

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