Business Interpreters And Boxing Day Traditions


Business interpreters should be aware of global holidays like Boxing Day. If you have never heard of Boxing Day, it falls on December 26. This is one day where everyone gets to fight someone they have had problems with in a Boxing arena! We are kidding, but it does sound fun! In all seriousness, Boxing Day is a big holiday in the United Kingdom (England) and other countries such as Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and more. Despite its popularity in other parts of the world, many in the United States don't know much about it.

Although the specific origins of Boxing Day are still up for debate, the BBC reported that the tradition started with Queen Elizabeth back in the 1800s. Because her servants, and those of wealthy aristocrats were required to work on Christmas, the wealthy began filling up boxes with gifts, money and food to their poor workers. The servants would then go home after a long day of work and exchange their boxes with friends and family. Thus, the concept of a Christmas bonus was born.


What is the connection between Boxing Day and business interpreters?

Since business interpreters work in a wide range of industries, it is important for them to be aware of international holidays. Especially for those who work in fields like government, or for businesses that offices overseas. Understanding where traditions come from, who you are doing business with, and the cultural practices those people observe is important for success.

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What are some Boxing Day traditions that business interpreters can observe?

  • Boxing day business interpretersLike to go shopping? 🛍️ Business interpreters can offer discounts!

The closest thing that the United States has to Boxing Day is Black Friday. For the freelance business interpreters out there, offering a discount to clients could help you get more business... and who doesn't love a good 30% off discount?!

  • Business interpreters need a break too! 😴

United States citizens can agree: no one wants to work on Black Friday, or the day after any federal holiday. Business interpreters can take this time to take a break and be thankful. Eat some leftovers from Christmas dinner and spend it with the ones you love.


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