English Interpreters Are For Weddings This Valentine's Day


English interpreters are employed in a variety of different fields, most commonly working as medical, legal, community or immigration interpreters. Mainstream interpreting jobs in these industries are important - but they aren't for everyone. In fact, freelance interpreters can put their language skills to work in other, just as meaningful yet unconventional ways. That's one of the perks to learning a new skill - you can put it use however you see fit! One lucrative way English interpreters have made a profit is by offering their services to couples on their wedding day.

In these modern times, there are no legal limitations to love- thanks to the Respect for Marriage Act (ROMA) recently signed into law. And although bias and discrimination unfortunately still persist, couples are legally free marry anyone they deem worthy regardless of gender, sex, religion, race and ethnicity. Here's 3 ways interpreters can lend their services to interpreting love languages:


How are English interpreters finding work at weddings?


1️⃣ Bilingual couples love 💞 English interpreters, too!

English Interpreters, English Language Expressions and GesturesFor bilingual couples, making sure that all languages, customs and loved ones are represented can be stressful. Some couples have hired English interpreters to provide their language accessibility services for deaf or hard-of-hearing guests by standing off to the side somewhere visible. Others have offered Limited English Proficient (LEP) guests headphones, allowing them to listen to an interpreter who isn't seen so they don't distract from the main event.


2️⃣ Video Remote Interpreters (VRI) carries love around the world🌎

Having loved ones who can't make the event has been a problem for centuries, and demands modern solutions. Thanks to interpreter school, English interpreters who are certified in Video Remote Interpreting can provide language services to those thousands of miles away. Whether you use VRI or OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting) technology, remote interpreting can make someone's big day extra special.


3️⃣ Translating all the I love you's 🤟🏼

For English interpreters, an online translator certification can lead down a lot of different paths - even that famous walk down the aisle (for yourself or others too). Since a large component of interpreting is document translation a large part of weddings also includes printed materials (just think of all the invitations, programs, menus, seating charts, wedding favors, signs,  guestbooks etc!) All of this will need to be translated for bilingual guests and this is a perfect opportunity for English interpreters to save the day!


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