Interpreting Love Languages Into Meaningful Valentines Date Ideas


Interpreting your partner's love language can be difficult. Whether it is acts of service, words of affirmation, gift giving, quality time or physical touch- everyone has a different way of showing their love. One of our intrinsic, most basic needs as human beings is feeling loved by the people close to us, and the sense of belonging that brings. To have a successful, flourishing and meaningful relationship you must understand and communicate your own love language, and what makes you feel loved, as it is to understand and speak your partners'. Caring about the people in our lives is a very personal thing. You know you care; but you have to show your feelings, preferably every day. It's so easy to get so wrapped up in our own lives, that we end up waiting until Valentine's day or an anniversary to say how we feel. While online interpreting school can give you the skills to start a meaningful interpreting career, we can't teach you how to speak your partners' love language.



Acts of Service🧑🏻‍🔧 : Giving up time to do a task for someone

Acts of service basically boils down to doing something for someone that makes their life easier. On a regular day, this person would appreciate you taking care of a task that has been put off for too long, or running errands without being told.

💙 For your date, go shopping for the ingredients to make dinner from scratch back at home. Bonus points if you are thoughtful and make your date's favorite dish. Extra bonus points if you recreate the dinner you served at your wedding, or on your first date.

Words of Affirmation 📝 : Expressing in your own words how much you love them

Words of affirmation should be personal and authentic, coming from the heart. This person is likely a hopeless romantic, who just wants to hear your true feelings.

❤️ For this date, write each thing you love about your partner on separate, small pieces of paper. Either hide them around their house or apartment to find long after Valentine's day is over; or you put them in an affirmation jar to pull out when they are feeling down. If you are married, you could even get your handwritten wedding vows framed.

Quality Time ⏳:  Put down your phone and just spend time together

This person doesn't want you to spend money on extravagant things. Sitting in a room together but looking at your separate phones just is not going to cut it for them.

🧡 On your Valentines date, bring them to your special place - where you met, where you had your first date, or where you got married. If that place is local, make it into a scavenger hunt that brings them to meet you in the end. If your place isn't local, bring them on a surprise trip, or try to recreate it as much as possible at home by bringing elements into your decorations.

Physical Touch 💃🏻 : Expressing affection through closeness

If physical touch is your partner's love language, physical closeness triggers the release of certain hormones associated with pleasure and bonding. It doesn't always have to be skin-to-skin contact for them, snuggling or hugging is the same principle.

💚 For your special Valentine's date, take your partner to a dance class. Learn how to salsa, or learn how to ballroom dance- you can even take online dance classes from your living room. This is a great way for new couples to break the ice, and for long-term couples to rekindle a spark. Or set up an at-home spa night and give each other massages.

Gift Giving 🎁 : This person needs tangible things to feel loved

For these people, gift giving for the sake of gift giving- or getting them something because you feel you have to- is the complete wrong move, and will end in hurt feelings or a fight. Although it would be appreciated your gift doesn't have to be expensive at all, it just has to be meaningful.

💜 For this date, we are going to get creative. Do they admire a certain celebrity? There are multiple websites where you can request a personalized, video message from their favorite singer or actor. Or create a scrapbook filled with mementos like ticket stubs, photos and inside jokes that you have saved over the years. There are even artists you can pay to engrave a grandmother's secret apple pie recipe onto a pie pan, or who can turn the clothes of a deceased loved one into a teddy bear.


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