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🤔 What Is Community Interpreting Training?

Community interpreting is a type of interpreting service that is often provided by local governments or organizations to large numbers of ethnic minorities. Allowing all who don't speak the official or dominant language access to communicate with and understand service providers. Community interpreting training prepares students to become competent interpreters, who can work in multiple different fields including: business, government affairs, legal issues, education, social services and public relations. By increasing language accessibility or the idea that anyone should be able to easily access, benefit from and understand what is being said at any public event or by private hire, community interpreters impact their communities greatly.



Ensuring language accessibility for all is not only the right thing to do, but more tangible in these modern times. In 2022, internet is more than a utility bill- it is a human right. Now vital for applying to and performing job requirements, for education, for economic growth and so much more. Without access to the internet in 2022, life and it's everyday tasks would become exceedingly more difficult- which is an unfortunate reality that a large portion of the world population must deal with. The pandemic has shown that almost every job can be performed- at least partially online; even certified community interpreters. By utilizing Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) or Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) technology, community interpreters can now find additional means of bringing language accessibility into their communities. When continuing education, VRI and OPI trained community interpreters can increase their desirability and their reach of clientele.


What Makes Our Community Interpreting Training Program So Effective? 🥇


Our community interpreting training program is conducted completely online and prepares students to take their official interpreter exams. So what makes our program so effective?

To become a certified interpreter or translator, you must first meet the requirements to even register for the certification exam. Most of the competition caps their translator certification courses at 40 hours and is completely self-guided (meaning you are learning from a book or computer). Our interpreter courses are designed to not only meet but exceed requirements✅ which gives students more confidence than their peers. Even more compelling, is that all of our interpreting courses are completely live✅ and conducted via webinar format by expert instructors✅. Why?


Because at its core, interpreting is verbal communication skill that is conducted in real-life conversations and we are crazy enough to believe your training should involve real-life practice.


Mechanics can read books, scour the internet and call themselves an expert until the cowscommunity interpreters can assist in numerous situations come home; but would you trust that person to service your car with a break job? If you brought your car in to replace and align your break pads but found out they never actually practiced before- would you be confident driving your children to school the next day? The reality is that many students enroll in these self-guided, 40-hour interpreter training courses online to save a little money. When they attempt to enroll for their official certification exam, they find out too late that their training wasn't actually sufficient in the end. They then come to us having to re-do their training🚫 and end up spending twice as much after trying to cut corners somewhere else initially.


Our program offers students the opportunity to receive on the spot correction through our webinar formatted interpreter classes that others cannot provide without raising prices. Becoming a certified interpreter should be a verbal learning experience from those experienced in the field. If you or someone you know is interested in our online Business and Community Interpreter Training Program with live instructors, our classes are offered in SpanishPortugueseArabicRussianChineseHaitian Creole or Vietnamese languages.

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