Community Translator Certificate and 3 Ways It Gives Back



A community translator certificate is a special thing that benefits so many more people than just the bilingual adult, and everyone they serve. The community interpreter is someone who provides interpreting and translation services in a wider range of situations than their colleague who chose a specialty; like legal or medical interpreting. With a specialization comes a deeper, microscopic dive into the vocabulary and concepts- whereas business and community interpreter training provides an opportunity for students to interpret in multiple situations, with a more generalized, macroscopic approach to interpret for a wide variety of purposes. The distinction here is very important, so to put it another way, think of a researcher who is studying how pollution changes a forest. They might use a microscope to study one specific, individual plant in the forest for a detailed  look at how pollution changed that one plants' color or size. But a forest is not one individual plant, so she would need to zoom out and study the changes in all the plants there. This is a similar to how a community translator certificate benefits the singular person receiving interpreting services, and the impact it has on their community.


3 ways your community translator certificate gives back:


1. Expanding access to education for immigrant children

Every child deserves an opportunity for a good education- regardless of which country they were born in and whether or not they go to school there. Our community interpreter course gives bilingual adults a unique opportunity to be the change they want to see for their children, by allowing more immigrant students to attend and learn at school. Working for schools can include interpreting for children during lessons, translating documents for their parents and so much more.


2. Providing resources for immigrant families

In addition to working for schools, a community translator certificate allows you to work with immigrant families as well. Imagine how intimidating it must be for someone to try and settle into a community where they don't speak the language. How would they register for food benefits or health insurance? How would they look for a job?  Community interpreters works for immigrant families who don't speak English well or at all.


3. Improving your community helps you, too

If improving the lives of others isn't enough motivation then consider that a better community helps you, too. With additional opportunities to expand upon your expertise- with remote interpreting training- bilingual adults improve their communities directly with an online interpreter course. By providing interpreting services for your community, bilingual adults can build their own business and network that they may not otherwise have had the opportunities to do so without an online translator certification.



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