Advanced Medical Interpreter Training: Finding A Job With & Without It


Deciding whether or not to enroll in advanced medical interpreter training is a big decision. If this is one you're faced with, then you've already made quite a few others before...deciding to change your career, going back to school, and choosing to specialize in medical interpreting. When you are younger, it's easier to start over and do so multiple times. As an adult, you have responsibilities and people depending on you for their livelihood because it isn't just you anymore. Now, you might have a few kids, a spouse, and even elder family members relying on you for their wellbeing. You're most likely either paying a mortgage or rent on top of utilities, food and other necessary bills that aren't cheap in an economy where prices are through the roof and all during the holiday season. This simple fact of life makes it more difficult for adults to make changes because people don't stop needing food or a warm place to sleep at night regardless of hardships. The reality is, this was all true back when you made the decision to go back to school to improve your life & those who depend on you. The only difference is, this decision requires more money to spend on class, and more time spent learning.

Our Advanced interpreter training is a supplemental accelerated course. Meaning that in order to enroll, you MUST have taken and passed our standard online medical interpreter courseThe standard medical interpreting curriculum teaches students the skills and fundamental vocabulary the profession requires; all in a 60 hour online medical interpreting course. All of our classes are held via LIVE video chat technology✅ and are taught by experts in their fields who have created unique and engaging✅ class curriculum to keep students engaged. There are a lot of different factors involved in deciding if advanced medical interpreting is for you but one of them is where can you work with and without the additional training?



💭"Why should I take advanced medical interpreter training? Where can I work after taking it?"

People who continue their interpreter training online at our interpreter school, do so in Advanced Medical Interpreter Training, Remote Portuguese medical interpreter training classorder to prepare for official national medical interpreting exams, and get their official translator certification license. Issued by the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI), an official medical translator certification will allow students to work at hospitals, medical centers & biotech companies. The reality is, to even sign up for the exam you will exceed requirements✅ of at least 45 classroom hours of training, and you must pay hundreds of dollars each time you take the exam. Our accelerated 30 hour online interpreter course will teach you advanced vocabulary and prepare you for the exam  so you hopefully only take it once. After completing the course, alumni take the certification exams and can find work anywhere.


💭"Where can I work without taking advanced medical interpreter training?"

Without continuing interpreter education, alumni with a translator certificate online can find work as a freelancer, directly through a hospital, or at some interpreting agencies and you will earn $25 an hour- significantly less than those who continued and passed their certification exams. *Completing of our standard 60-hour medical interpreting training course will NOT get you an official medical interpreting license. Many students do not wish to continue their education and training after finishing our standard training course.


Our online interpreter classes are taught by expert instructors ✅ who have real-world experience in their interpreting specialty. They have worked hard to make fully remote online courses unique and engaging ✅ through a hands-on approach to remote learning. All of our online interpreting courses are 100% LIVE via video conferencing technology✅to provide students the best remote experience possible, with the advantages of having an in person class. If you or someone you know is interested in our unique and engaging online Medical Interpreter Training Programs with live instructors, classes are offered in SpanishPortugueseArabicRussianChineseHaitian Creole, Vietnamese, Farsi, French, Hindi, Korean, Somali, Urdu, Ukrainian languages online and onsite.

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