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Medical interpreter training is one of the leading careers for bilingual adults. Providing concrete paths towards a brighter future, a certified medical interpreter can offer their loved ones and larger community peace of mind. Graduates of our medical interpreting classes improve the quality of care that ESL speakers (English as a Second Language) receive by making language more accessible. California has been home to immigrant communities since the mid-1800's who now account for 27% of its total residents- which is more than double in any other state. Additionally, an estimated 200,000 people over 5 years old speak Arabic at home in the golden state. All of this information tells us that there is a high demand for medical interpreters in California, especially those who are looking for a career in Arabic medical interpreting. So how do you become an Arabic medical interpreter once you have decided to take the next step? Isn't being bilingual a good enough credential?


Here's What You Need To Know About Translator School...


  • Always Know What Is Required:

Translator School

To become a certified and work as a medical interpreter, you must pass one of the nationally recognized interpreter exams. But in order to even register for these exams, students must prove they have passed a medical interpreter training course.

Once you have registered for our course, you must pass an oral language assessment pre-test that is conducted over the phone. To be accepted into our course- whether it's online or on-site- students must prove fluency in both English and Arabic (or any other target language we offer). This means that you must demonstrate that you have a strong grasp and understanding of both languages you seek to interpret, where one of them is English.


  • Not Every Course Is Created Equal

There are countless other companies out there who do what we do. So what makes our course unique? The curriculum was designed by expert instructors who actually work in the medical interpreting field with students in mind. At the end of our 7-week medical interpreting training course, students will exceed requirements✅ for their certification exams; either through through the LIVE webinar online classes✅ that use video conferencing technology, or our on-site medical interpreter training. At the end of the day, we don't believe you can become a medical interpreter through a self-guided course like the competition offers. Too often, students come to us after completing these cheap courses and failing their exam and end up spending more money in the end by trying to cut corners.


  • Use Every Opportunity To Your Advantage

Our online and on-site medical interpreting programs are structured to be as interactive as possible. Becoming a professional in any field these days requires a lot of networking and our course provides you the space to get to know other future interpreters. Forming a study group and connecting outside of class can provide the basis for a future professional connection that could lead your career to new places.



If you or someone you know is interested in our online Medical Interpreter Training Programs with live instructors, classes are offered in SpanishPortugueseArabicRussianChineseHaitian Creole or Vietnamese languages online and onsite.

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