Interpreting In Orthopedics & The Fundamentals Of Vocabulary

Interpreting is not something that should be taken lightly. With medical interpreting your clientele is paying for a high . When customers pay someone to handle things for them, it's because the other person is an expert in that field. Just because bilingual adults are fluent in 2 languages, doesn't make them an expert interpreter. Sure, knowing both languages is a definite start in the career, it doesn't make you a medical interpreter.

Imagine you are a 19 year old college student in your third year of medical school. You are walking one day and you witness a car accident. You can clearly see a passenger has glass in their face. Other witnesses are talking about pulling the shards out themselves... but you know better. You don't have any surgical knowledge, no sterile tools with you, and your medical studies taught you that pulling it out could cause more damage. Like infection, blood clotting or excess and unnecessary blood loss or nerve damage.

Your knowledge of medicine helps you calm the victims down until paramedics arrive. You were able to check vital signs and keep onlookers away. Because you knew you weren't expert the situation called for, you were able to help in other ways. It is the same expertise that separates bilingual adults from medical interpreters. Medical interpreters have dedicated time, and effort into highly specialized areas of language for professional services. Bilingual adults have learned both languages, but haven't spent the time and energy to understand medical language.


Medical interpreting and the fundamentals of vocabulary in orthopedics

Immigration Translators, translator certificate, Language interpretersThe more specialized you get in any field, the more you must understand more specific terminology and concepts. Some language professionals like to stay more general and provide a broader range of services. Some know right away that they want to become medical interpreters and others know that they want to provide services in a specialized field like orthopedics.

Our online medical interpreter training program is taught by expert instructors through our unique and engaging video remote teaching platform. Bringing the classroom to your living room, all of our courses are taught in real time because we believe the best learning comes through experience- not a book.

Our anatomy and physiology class is part of our standard medical interpreter training course, and helps students understand complicated terms you may not be familiar with. With orthopedics, you are dealing with spine disorders, joint surgeries, trauma, and specific pharmacology, labs and diagnoses related to the orthopedics. Advanced medical interpreter training provides additional instruction for students who want to pursue certification with the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI). Covering advanced subjects like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Mental Health and more, we have solutions that work for you and where you want to take your career. Advanced medical interpreting training is an option for those students who choose to become more specialized in their fields, and become experts.


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