Translation and Localization Course: 3 Ways It Differs From Interpreter Courses


Translation and localization course is an online course for bilingual adults - who already have a high proficiency in English - who want to refine their language skills so that they can translate complex texts from one language to another. These translation and localization professionals must be able to translate text, that is written in the advanced form of English used in various settings like government agencies and the legal sector. Industries like these often require certified translators to convert written communication from one language to another which can include articles, legal texts and contracts among many other examples. The localization industry - which develops products like software, video games and websites- depends upon professionally trained translators to adapt text into different languages so it can be used on a global scale.


3 Ways translation and localization course is different from interpreting courses:


1. Translation localization course focuses on written text

Translation and localization course provides bilingual adults an opportunity to receive an education that revolves around analyzing text written in one language, and converting it into another. Language translators must possess the knowledge, skill and advanced vocabulary that is required for people to read the translated material just as easily as the originally written source material.

    • To put it simply: interpreters generally work with verbal communication, and translators generally work with written communication.


2. Translation and localization course is for bilingual adults who want to want to work with tech

Translation localization training, Interpreter certification, Associate interpreter trainingTranslation and localization course is a 45-hour, 7-week online translator training course for bilingual adults. Our expert instructors ✅ teach students how to meet the growing demand for skilled translators in a variety of professional fields like: healthcare, law, technology, media, tourism and government. Not only will students learn translation theory and terminology, but they will learn how to use localization technologies, translation software and website localization tools and how to utilize them to their benefit.

    • Just as your training heavily involves written text, your line of work will, too. This course is great fit for bilingual adults who are more confident with their written English skills.


3. Translation and localization course prepares bilingual adults to work in any industry that requires the work

With 100% LIVE webinar-style courses, our translation localization course is a unique and engaging ✅ online learning experience for bilingual adults, because every course is taught in real time ✅ with real teachers. At the end of the translator training course, graduates will receive a certificate that serves as proof of obtaining the knowledge and skills that is required to take the certification exam. Your training will allow you to work wherever it is necessary, which offers a lot of variety in work- rather than other courses, like medical interpreter training for example, that prepares students for work solely in the medical field.

    • Translation and localization training course provides graduates options of which field or industry they work in after class ends. Our other courses are more specialized and prepare students to work only in that field.


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