The Business Interpreter With A Career In Marketing


The business interpreter has an important role to play in any industry. Their job is to facilitate conversation during business meetings & conferences. For instance, if a company is expanding into a new market, the business interpreter would work with the marketing department to ensure that messaging in ad campaigns is accurate. They do all of this and more, and their work is highly valuable to executives and decision makers across all industries.

Whether they are hired for crucial business meetings, or to look over contracts for foreign clients, there is no room for confusion. The successful business interpreter is well trained, and a trusted spokesperson for individuals and corporations. They aren't just a hired professional who can speak both languages. Here are 3 skills professional interpreters have, in addition to their business interpreter certificate that make them successful in the marketing world...


3 skills that give the business interpreter a successful marketing career:

1. Their ROI is in their expertise

ROI - or Return on Investment - is a formula that calculates how much revenue you earn from marketing content. It tells you whether your messaging is working or not. In order to secure a healthy ROI, you need to have messaging that resonates with your audience. Anyone can go out and find a bilingual adult to come translate a business meeting. With business interpreting, the successful interpreter  understands the ideas of the campaign in both the source and target languages. And then applies their knowledge and marketing strategies to deliver effective copy that converts.

2. They understand their audience

The Business Interpreter, Immigration Translators, translator certificate, Language interpretersFor the business interpreter to be successful in marketing, they must also understand the cultural nuances and implications of their messaging. There are certain concepts and phrasing that work in English that don't work well in another language. Concepts must be altered in order to resonate with a different audience. Business interpreter training helps to get students thinking about how slogans can be adapted to fit another culture. When puns, slogans, taglines, or plays on words work in English but they would offend or confuse your Spanish audience, you have to rely on your understanding of culture.

3. They live by "the 3 C's"

Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. Believe it or not, all 3 of these are absolutely skills in the marketing world. A business interpreting certificate can help job applicants stand out from other applicants because it shows that you value communication. Throughout the course, you will be collaborating with your classmates and learning how to navigate relationships. With your knowledge of marketing, you can prove to potential clients and hiring managers that you are creative while operating within the code of ethics. Without any one of these three skills, you might have a harder time no matter where you work.




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