Interpreter Training & Its Connection To Independence Day


Interpreter training for bilingual adults is a freedom that shouldn't be taken for granted. Every year on July 4th, or "Independence Day", United States citizens celebrate our freedoms. And we appreciate the price that so many had to pay for them. But freedom is a price that must continue to be paid for, and is one that many today are still paying. So, if you are a bilingual adult living in the United States today, you might have already made the connection by now. If not, we encourage you to continue reading about...


Interpreter training in colonial United States:

Interpreter training, independence day, Certified InterpretersBack in the 1400s, Portugal became the first European nation to take a significant part in the African slave trade. Beginning their westward exploration of the Atlantic, Portugal's European neighbors took notice. Spain in particular, became increasingly envious of their next door neighbor's success. With this competition ushered a new era of exploring the New World.

The major European colonies in America were established by Spain, Portugal, France and Great Britain. Almost always warring, they fought against each other and various, pre-existing Native American tribes. In the end, Great Britain gained control over all of the established colonies. Eventually, on July 4th, 1776 the colonialists came together to declare their independence from Great Britain. In the 13 years that came afterward, there was a lot of fighting, injuries and more death during the American war for Independence. But in the end, the colonists - with significant aid and assistance from France - were victorious, and the United States was an independent nation of its own.

Throughout all that time, interpreters were needed. Between the Native Americans and the  colonists, and also between the Spanish and the French colonists. And while there was no formal interpreter training at the time, there was just as much a need for it then as there is today.


Interpreter training in modern times

The connection between interpreter training and freedom has been underscored, and remains so in the American pursuit of freedom. Whether it is in the context of healthcare interpreting, the justice system & legal interpreters, education or otherwise. Interpreters introduced the concept of language justice, which is the inherent right to understand and be understood. Which is, in and of itself, a freedom that many in the United States can utilize in official settings.

Interpreter training is more than mastering language- because it must incorporate cultural competence, ethical considerations and accuracy. Modern day language professionals are constantly contributing to make the United States more inclusive and diverse. Concepts like "freedom" and "justice" have multiple meanings, and with those varied definitions come equally diverse interpretations. So on this independence day, we ask you to join us in remembering the interpreters of yesterday and the rich immigrant history in this nation, within the context of American independence. Because after all...

"We hold these truths to be self evident: That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

    • Preamble to the United States Declaration of Independence



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