Business Interpreter Training

Business Interpreting


PART 1:  Fundamentals of Business Interpreting, Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

  1. Business Interpreter Fundamentals
  • The Responsibilities of Business Interpreters
  • Important Skills of Business Interpreter
  • Different Interpretation Modes (simultaneous, consecutive, and sight translation)

Quiz for Business Interpreter Fundamentals Section

  1. Business Interpreter Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Code of Ethics for Business Interpreters
  • Standards of Practice for Business Interpreters
  • Professional Competence
  • Professional Accountability
  • Non-discrimination
  • Integrity in Business Practice
  • Integrity in Professional Relationships

Quiz for Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Section

  1. Managing Your Interpretation Service
  • How to market your interpretation services.
  • How to build your network and get clients.
  • Values you can provide for your clients.
  • Handling client relations and job function.
  • Beyond the business interpreter role.


PART 2:  Business Interpreting Language Practice

Students will practice interpreting role-plays and study the most commonly used business terminology in English and the target language in the following fields:

  1. Real Estate.
  2. Finance and Accounting
  3. Business Administration
  4. Sales and Marketing
  5. International Business.
  6. Government Affairs