The Business Interpreter and 3 Skills To Become Successful


The Business Interpreter has an essential role in the world of international business. Every day, companies expand into overseas markets, and land new contracts with foreign clientele. But have you ever wondered how those companies do it? Big corporations with a multinational presence (like Apple and Nike for example) can make international business dealings look effortless to the untrained eye. But when you take a closer look, questions start to arise like: "How are decision makers communicating with those who speak a different language?" and "how do you build trust with people who can barely understand each other?" Where does the business interpreter come in, and what do they do?

What does the business interpreter do?

For corporations not as large as Apple and Nike, the prospect of international business dealings can seem daunting, especially when languages and cultures are vastly different. Thankfully, business interpreter training is a thing that exists to alleviate some of that pressure. Business interpreters work in a wide variety of different industries, like real estate, finance and marketing- just to a name a few examples. They facilitate communication between parties who speak different languages, so that people and companies can achieve their business objectives.

The business interpreter often conducts their work in settings like:

  • Big conferences and conventions with hundreds of people
  • Business meetings between several individuals for contract negotiations
  • Official government proceedings involving multiple officials
  • and so much more

The business interpreter's role is essential for companies and leaders that desire efficient communication, and making connections that reach beyond geographical boundaries while ensuring mutual understanding between parties.


The business interpreter needs these 3 skills to be successful:

Business interpreting requires more than a bilingual adult who is fluent in both required languages. They must understand the cultural nuances in both languages that can cause million dollar deals to go south.


1. The business interpreter is dedicated to learning

The successful business interpreter has dedicated time and effort into their craft. Starting with learning from expert instructors ✅ in our 45-hour, 7-week online business interpreter training course, they are well on their way to becoming experts themselves. It is through our unique and engagingonline interpreter courses that skills and technique develop. Taught through our LIVE video chat classes✅ , students receive a hands-on, and in-person learning experience. The successful business interpreter will finish class with a business interpreter certificate and the drive to continue learning. They know the industry terminology, the idioms and cultural nuances in both languages. But most importantly, they have the ability to capture the essence of the message, not just the simple words.

2. The business interpreter is adaptable

The business interpreter, Translation Certificate TrainingThe business interpreter is devoted to their craft and continues to learn. Their interpreter classes have taught them how, and they apply those skills into new situations. They learned simultaneous interpreting skills and techniques for large events. But they aren't intimidated to use their consecutive interpreting skills for smaller meetings. They are quick to think on their feet, remembering that their goal as business interpreters and everywhere else is to ensure seamless communication.

3. The business interpreter is ready for anything

Whether it's utilizing simultaneous interpreting for large events like a conference, or consecutive interpreting for meeting like contract negotiations, business interpreters must be prepared for anything. They may even want to continue their education with an online video remote interpreting course to acquire skills for OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting) or VRI (Video Remote Interpreting).


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