Public Service Interpreters & The Public Institutions That Need Them


Public service interpreters have one of the most important and diverse roles in the language translation industry. Their work in public settings like courts, hospitals, schools, social service organizations and other government agencies ensures equal access to services; for people with a Limited English Proficiency (LEP), and or those who are deaf or who are hard of hearing. Public service interpreters bridge the communication divide between native English speakers and those who have a harder time understanding, and do so in real-time. In other words, their work is essential and ensures there is language justice in their local communities. Public service interpreting is a specialized service brought to the public domain by skilled language professionals who have trained and studied hard to become beacons of hope for minority populations living in the United States and abroad. Our online certificate program is a fully remote ✅ comprehensive 45 hour public service interpreter training course, that spans 7 weeks. Like all of our programs, public service and educational interpreting training is taught in real time with LIVE instruction ✅ that is unique and engaging ✅. Our expert instructors ✅ have experience in the field and have created a unique and engaging ✅ learning experience of the highest quality ✅ that those other providers cannot compete with.


Where can public service interpreters find work?

Public service interpreters can find work at public institutions like:

  • the state house, court houses, the white house, the United Nations, United States embassies, the military... if you can think of a public institution, it is likely that they need public service interpreters to work there. The real question is: how far are you willing to take your interpreter training?

public service interpreters, advanced medical interpreting training, interpreter certification, Medical interpreter training, legal interpreter training,Like any career, there are different levels of training and education that are required the higher you want to take your career. If you want a higher paying job, no matter what industry you are in, chances are you will either need more experience or more education. To work in places like the White House or for the State Department, applicants are rigorously tested and trained to ensure they are capable of keeping up with the standard flow of conversation. Not only do you need to have an extensive vocabulary in English, but you must be able to translate them into another language. You must be able to understand proper English like a native speaker with correct pronunciation and grammar in both languages you translate for.

Graduates of our program who don't aspire to such great career ranks, can find meaningful work at public institutions like:

  • Schools, state houses, social service agencies, court houses, law offices, and more.


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