Public Service Interpreting In The Context Of Remembering 9.11.2001


Public service interpreting refers to the type of language interpretation services, provided by bilingual professionals in various public settings such as: government agencies, courts, hospitals, schools, and social service organizations. Working for Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals- these are people who understand little to no English- public service interpreting ensures that everyone has equal access to services and opportunities regardless of their ability to understand English. The work that public service interpreters do ensures there is language accessibility for immigrants living in the United States and abroad. Those of us who are are old enough to remember where we were on September 11, 2001, remember how the world used to be before the first plane struck the North Tower at 8:46 EST. Looking back now, the world pre-9.11 seems just as far away as the events that unfolded. It may come as a shock then, to learn that the biggest terrorism case in United States history is still unresolved- despite that fateful day being 22 years ago. As the families of all 2,996 victims remain in limbo, awaiting justice for over 2 decades- critics say it has become one of the biggest failures of the war on terror.


What would public service interpreting look like regarding 9.11?

public service interpretingWhen we talk about delivering justice, especially in the context of a national traumatic event, it is important to remember that an essential pillar of justice, is to ensure that the accused has equal access to communication during trials and all future proceedings yet to come. This is where a public service interpreter steps in! They are bilingual adults who can facilitate communication between individuals with limited to no English skills, and various government agencies like: the Departments of Justice, State, or Homeland Security; which all require the highest level of language proficiency in English and a target language. Understanding complex vocabulary in 2 languages, possessing the ability to convey messages accurately in real time, while maintaining cultural context is essential. For students who aspire to this heightened level of public service interpreting certification from a recognized interpreting organization such as the National Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NATJIT) is essential to work federal government agencies.


Public service interpreting might be for you if...

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