Interpreter School For Bilingual Mental Health Professionals


Interpreter school is a worthwhile investment for bilingual adults in any industry. For bilingual professionals working in mental health settings, interpreter school could potentially save a life. Whether you are a mental health professional that working in a hospital, a psychologist's office, or even a school setting - there is really no downside to attending interpreter school if you are committed to it. Unfortunately, mental health has always been a taboo subject. Not too long ago, it was widely believed that only "crazy people" see psychologists. If you went to a family member or a friend, and talked about your therapist, you would get laughed at or criticized 20 years ago.. and some people still hold that mentality today.

But as times have changed, attitudes towards mental health have progressed, and more people feel comfortable talking publicly about their mental health. Taking steps to improve social-emotional health and well-being is more commonly viewed as a positive thing today than any time in history. Which means that there are more doctors and physicians working in mental health professions, because more people are recognizing its importance. Especially for bilingual adults, there are clear advantages towards attending interpreter school if you work in a school, hospital, therapist's office or similar setting.

3 reasons why bilingual mental health professionals should attend interpreter school...


1. Your work has a larger impact

Bilingual mental health professionals have an opportunity to reach more people and make a greater impact in their field. Interpreter school will give you the skills and techniques required to facilitate conversation between people who need it most. Imagine you are a school counselor and the principal needs to communicate information to a new student and their parents' from El Salvador. Interpreter certification will allow you to provide a higher quality of service to a vulnerable demographic. Facilitating communication between people who couldn't otherwise, allows you to have more meaning and a larger impact with your work.

2. It can create a safer working environment

Interpreter school, Russian Medical Interpreting Diversity and Inclusion Training, Interpreter school online during covidAn interpreter training certificate for mental health professions can absolutely create a safer working environment. There are some mental health conditions that cause people to act erratically and can threaten physical safety. Online interpreter school can help bilingual mental health workers mediate situations professionally and foster communication to work through issues.

3. It's a new way to grow in your field

Regardless of the industry or workplace, it is very common for people to feel stuck in their careers. Online interpreter school is a way for mental health professionals to grow in their field or place of employment. Feeling stuck? Not sure how to get a promotion or a raise? Investing in growth opportunities like online interpreter school expands your skills and knowledge which can create pathways towards achieving your goals.


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