English Interpreters At School For Children With IEPs


English interpreters at school make a huge impact not only for schools and the children who learn there, but for their families as well. Currently, there are 10.5 million children of immigrant families who are in grades K-12 living in the United States; and every one of them needs an education. Despite the fact that some of these foreign-born children are able to speak some English, others don't speak any English at all- who would be classified as Limited English Proficient or LEP- when they arrive to the United States. Sometimes, the children can speak some English themselves but their parents don't at all; how, then are teachers supposed to communicate with these students and their parents? What about the children with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or special needs? What level of support can parents expect that schools can reasonably deliver?



Districts should train existing bilingual staff to become certified English interpreters at school

It's becoming more common for companies to seek out candidates who are bilingual to fill open positions. School districts can better support students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) by subsidizing interpreter training for their existing bilingual school staff. Certification gives bilingual adults the skills, knowledge and training that is required to be an effective English interpreter at school. Being fluent in two languages is a great place to start, but you need the certification to provide quality interpreting services for families while ensuring accuracy.


English interpreters at school can provide language services through Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) technology

English interpreters at schoolIn these modern times, utilizing technology to make life easier should be a no-brainer. Language interpreters who work with children can provide additional support by utilizing Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) technology in the classroom- without having to physically be there, themselves. With VRI training, English interpreters can communicate with children during school hours, and utilize effective teaching strategies through the computer through the technology.


Parents can request in-person English interpreters at school

Understanding what the child needs to learn can sometimes involve additional help- and that's okay, because everyone learns differently. Parents can request that their child has an English interpreter at school who attends every class with them and interprets for the child by using simultaneous interpreting skills, that they would have learned in our online interpreting course.


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