Business & Community Interpreter Training

Business and Community Interpreter Training Course - Q & A


1) What is the role of a business and community interpreter?

Business and community interpreter has a very different role and responsibilities from a conference interpreter.

A business & community interpreter is someone who interprets a transaction dialogue such as an interview, court hearing, business meeting, presentation or negotiation between an individual and a client.

Community interpreter is responsible for enabling professional and client, with very different backgrounds and perceptions and in an unequal relationship of power and knowledge, to communicate to their mutual satisfaction.

2) Why are business & community interpreters in high demand?

Business & community Interpreter is a rapidly growing profession which has developed out of the need to provide services to people who do not speak the official language of a country.

Community Interpreting in the US enables people who are not fluent speakers of English to participate in business meetings and to communicate with the providers of public services so as to facilitate full and equal access to business, legal, health, education, government, and social services.

3) Where are business & community interpreters neededfour-business-meeting

Business/community Interpreting is a particularly vital service in communities with large numbers of ethnic minorities.

Situations where such interpreters are necessary are typical include business development, construction, immigration, educational, housing, social security and legal areas.
The settings are business offices, hospitals, government offices, schools, the various offices dealing with immigrant matters, housing and social security, and police stations.


4) How can I become a business & community interpreter?

Language Connections offers a 7-week 45-hour Business & Community Interpreting program that was developed to enable participants to become competent interpreters in different professional fields: business, government affairs, legal issues, education, industry, social services and public relations.


5) Why should I take the Business & Community Interpreting Certificate Program?

Asian-InterpreterThe Business & Community Interpreting Certificate Program is a 7 week skills-based course that uses a practical, person-focused approach. It was developed to assist individuals who speak fluently two or three languages to become qualified as a professional Community Interpreters.
It is particularly useful for individuals who deliver interpreting services on a voluntary basis and who would like to formalize their experience in this area of work.

The business & community interpreting course is focused on business and public sector interpreting.


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