The Importance of Court Interpreter Training

Court interpreters are vital to the American legal system. Without clear communication between judges, lawyers, and clients, justice may not be served!

The importance of this public service requires court interpreter training as well as court interpreter certification in order to ensure quality of service. In addition to benefiting society as a whole, interpreter certification can help language professionals advance their career by providing them with a high-demand skill and a more enriching career path.

Why Pursue Court Interpreter Training?

Court interpreter certification is required to interpret in the state-level legal system. Although the certification process differs by state, the National Center for State Courts recommends which languages should be prioritized in each state according to the needs of the court system. However, in order to serve as a court interpreter at the federal level, candidates must pass the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Exam (FCICE). Certification exams consist of oral and written testing of a prospective interpreter’s language abilities. By testing every facet of a candidate’s language knowledge, states are able to ensure the creation of a strong community of interpreters within their respective court systems.

This certification process also offers innumerable benefits for employees, as becoming certified can lead to expanded career opportunities and a possible increase in salary. For instance, considering the fact that Spanish forms the second largest language in the United States and the recent rise in Spanish immigration court cases, obtaining Spanish-English court interpreter certification can make an employee more marketable.

Taking court interpreter classes as part of a legal interpreter training program can also lead to a more fulfilling career. Spending time in court can be a highly stressful experience. By helping non-English speaking clients adequately communicate with their lawyers, interpreters help to mitigate this stress.  Clear, error-free communication can give peace of mind to all parties involved. Although this work can be demanding, many court interpreters consider it to be a rewarding experience

Court Interpreter Training can lead to a more fulfilling work experience

Clearly, court interpreter training offers numerous career benefits and can lead to a more fulfilling work experience. Language Connections would love to be part of this journey by providing classes through its interpreter training program. With over 25 years of experience in the language training, translation, and interpretation industries, Language Connections is ideally suited to serve the interpreter training needs of your organization. Visit our website to learn more about our interpreter courses and our other excellent services!

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