Legal Interpreter Training

Legal Interpreter Certificate Training Program

Court and Legal Interpreter Certificate Training Program covers:

The Court & Legal Interpreter Certificate Training Course concludes with a written test covering legal knowledge, interpreting protocols, and essential terminology, as well as an oral exam to evaluate interpreting ability. Students must attain a score of 75% or better on both exams in order to receive a certificate.

  • - Ethics of Interpreting
  • - Legal interpreting terminology in English and the target language
  • - Massachusetts legal system
  • - Standards and Procedures for Court Interpreters
  • - Analysis of the legal environment and legal issues
  • - Development of consecutive interpreting skills
  • - Development of simultaneous interpreting skills
  • - Understanding the cultural aspects of bilingual communities.


Legal Interpreter Certificate Training Program

Court & Legal Interpreter Certificate Training Course prerequisites:

1) Fluency in English and another language
By "Fluency" we mean the ability to speak, understand, read, and write.A legal interpreter needs to be able to understand and speak both the high register (formal, complex, sophisticated vocabulary) and low register (informal, slang, everyday vocabulary) of their working languages. Without this, it is impossible for a legal interpreter to interpret correctly. Fluency will be evaluated prior to admission into the program.

2) An email address, the capacity to work with Microsoft Word and Excel, and familiarity with search engines like Google, or at least the willingness to learn how to deal with these things. Students will also need to be able to access www.soundcloud.com, in order to practice interpreting during the week, and be prepared to devote at least a couple of hours a week outside of class time to written assignments and practice.

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