Online Interpreting Courses & 3 Marketable Skills


Whether you have chosen a specialization like Legal Interpreter Training or are opting for something more general like Intro To Interpreter Training; all of our online interpreting courses will bring you closer to achieving your dreams. Each course utilizes LIVE video / webinar conferencing ✅ technology for class, ensuring students receive the best online learning experience possible. Every instructor is an expert in their respective field, and every syllabus is catered to helping students begin a fulfilling new career as an interpreter- with or without a specialization. Becoming certified in legal interpreting is a long road that can end or continue after completing our 45-hour online legal interpreter course, or a more general course like 20-hour online intro to interpreting course. Whether you choose to continue your education or not, our classes exceed requirements ✅ necessary to register for all official United States court interpreter certification exams. Which gives students peace of mind that should they choose to pursue official certification, the language prerequisite for examination has already been met.



A career as an interpreter in any field is a worthwhile and fulfilling pursuit for any bilingual person. In addition to the skills learned in our online interpreting courses, students will be able to complete our curriculum with these 3 marketable skills:


1. Proven Interpersonal Skills Increases Employment Opportunities

online interpreting courses Interpreter Courses and achieving your goals

Interpersonal skills are the behaviors and tactics a person uses to interact with others effectively. Corporations frequently use these interpersonal or communication buzzwords when evaluating how well employees work with others. Whether it's an online course like ours or an official interpreter certification, prospective employees can add their qualification to a resume and have a huge leg up on other applicants when seeking employment. Being bilingual in English and Spanish is a competitive advantage in any profession or industry; but finishing interpreting training or getting your interpreter certification makes you stand out. It proves that you are willing to learn, that you have professional training and that you are an experienced communicator who can help reach more clients for the company you are applying to.


2. Networking Skills to Build Relationships

Any time people are gathered, it is an opportunity to build relationships and make connections. In today's world, sometimes it's more about WHO you know than WHAT you know. When students begin their new career as an interpreter- whether they have chosen a specialization or not- they are not starting alone. Our LIVE webinar classes ✅ allow students to build meaningful connections despite learning online. We encourage every student to interact and even get together with classmates as they are yet another resource at your fingertips. Who knows- the friend or study buddy you made in our class could help you get hired someday!


3. Improving Leadership Skills & Being a Resource

Court interpreter trainingAs an interpreter, there is no room for a lack of confidence. When working, you have to KNOW and truly believe that you are the expert. Getting language training to work as an interpreter opens so many doors by allowing you to become a leader in your profession and a resource to your community. If your company needs help translating documents for a client you can offer your services and get paid for it. If there is a Limited English Proficient (LEP) person in your community, you can accompany them to legal proceedings as a legal interpreter. There are so many other opportunities that present themselves after enrolling in our online interpreting courses.



In addition to online training, we provide on-site interpreter training for small groups that can be customized to address your employees individual needs. If you or someone you know is interested in our online Legal or Immigration Interpreter Training Programs with live instructors, classes are offered in SpanishPortugueseArabicRussianChineseHaitian Creole or Vietnamese languages.

Get the necessary online interpreter training in order to become a competent professional interpreter. Register now for one of our online interpreter training programs: Online Medical Interpreter TrainingOnline Legal Interpreter Training,Online Immigration Interpreter Training, Business & Community Interpreter Training

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