Legal Interpreter Training for Everyday People

The benefit of legal interpreter training courses is, first and foremost, the knowledge gained on how to interpret in court and other legal settings. However, learning how to become a legal interpreter is only one benefit.

Another less discussed advantage to participating in a legal interpreter training course is that participants will learn about the United States legal system as well as state level legal systems. This can be beneficial for both U.S. citizens and immigrants.


5 Reasons Legal Interpreter Training Is Beneficial For Everyday Individuals

Individuals living in the United States who have either immigrated recently, or whose first language isn’t English, will likely not have a thorough understanding of the U.S. legal system.

Looking into how to become a legal interpreter will inevitably lead to more knowledge of U.S. legal and court proceedings.

But why is it important for you to learn about the court and legal systems?

The legal system plays a role in U.S. life in many areas, from deciding nationwide law to ensuring justice for individuals every day. Understanding how it works ensures you’re always aware of how decisions get made in the United States.


How else can understanding the legal system benefit you? Check out our top 5 reasons:

  1. Legal Interpreter Training If English is not your first language, taking a training course focused on courts and the law will give you a U.S. legal education in both your native language, and English.
  2. Legal interpreter training will teach you common terms and legal vocabulary, allowing you to understand procedures in both your native language and English in the event you must attend a legal proceeding.
  3. Understanding the legal system is necessary to know what your own individual rights are in the United States.
  4. If you are applying for citizenship, questions you are asked as part of your English and Civics test may relate to the U.S. legal system.
  5. Understanding the U.S. legal and court system, will give you a greater understanding of current political and social events.


What Exactly Does Legal Interpreter Training Cover?

Court Interpreter Training Every legal interpreter training program is tailored differently depending on who’s offering it; however, they will generally all cover the same information when it comes to legal and court systems.

Language Connections’ offers a 7 week, legal interpreter training course that goes in depth on the following topics:

  • The Massachusetts Legal System – Language Connections’ legal interpreter training covers specific Massachusetts state laws. State laws differ, as laws regarding various criminal offenses can vary depending on the state.

They also differ from federal law in regard to jurisdiction (or cases heard) as federal legal systems deal mainly with disputes regarding the constitution and laws passed by congress, and state legal systems mostly see individual citizen cases.

  • Legal Environment and Issues – in our course you will learn common laws, as well as the general structure for various legal proceedings such as criminal cases, criminal trials, civil trials, depositions, investigations and so on.

Aside from information about the legal and court systems, legal interpreting training courses will teach participants the ethics and standards of court interpreting. They will also teach them how to interpret.

Language Connections’ legal interpreter training is taught by professional, legal interpreters, who are also native speakers of program target languages. Class sizes are small, allowing students to connect with professors on an individual level.

Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in legal interpreting, or just want to learn about the U.S. legal system while honing in on your language skills, legal interpreter training will be beneficial for you!


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