International translation day is an unofficial holiday that recognizes language professionals and the work that they do; which plays a crucial role in bringing nations together in order to start a dialogue, build relationships and embolden world peace. Celebrated on September 30, the holiday falls on the same day as the feast of St. Jerome- the Bible translator who is considered the patron saint of translators. A priest from northern Italy, St. Jerome i known for translating the bible from the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament into Latin. The feast is a Christian holiday celebrated in Italy and places around the world with a heavy Italian influence- like the North End in Boston and Little Italy in New York City. The United Nations has brought 51 nations together through the work of language professionals and considers that work an art and a trade. Join us, as we celebrate International Translation Day by raising awareness of language professionals.


3 Language professionals to recognize on international translation day


  1. Court Interpreters 👩🏽‍⚖️

Court interpreters are language professionals who have trained to work in areas of the law International Translation Day, legal interpreter trainingand can find work in settings like firms and courthouses. Legal interpreter training prepares students to interpret a variety of cases- and while they may specialize in a particular area of law- they must, in general, understand the legal system, analyze laws, and be prepared to interpret anything from a court procedure to a client interview in potentially different areas of law. The skills, ethics and procedures are different than you would learn in an online immigration interpreter course but there is some overlapping. Our online court interpreter class includes 45 hours of LIVE video conferencing✅ approach for all of our programs.


2.   Immigration interpreters 🌍

International Translation Day, Spanish medical interpreting in TX, immigration interpreter trainingImmigration interpreters are language professionals who work for government agencies, law offices and courtrooms. And while there is a lot of overlap between their work and that of court interpreters, there is just as much that makes them distinct- and for good reason. Immigration interpreter training specifically prepares students to interpret immigration interviews, client meetings, asylum interviews, immigration court hearings and more. Immigration interpreters must master a very specific set of vocabulary, protocol and ethics within a 45hr online immigration interpreter class to advance in their careers. Whether that means preparing for your state's official interpreter certification exam or getting first hand experience working in a courtroom- our expert instructors✅ have industry experience and will get you where you want to be.


3.  Medical interpreters 👩🏻‍⚕️

Medical interpreters, especially during medical emergencies, have a very important role to play as their work could mean the difference between life and death. Online medical interpreter training prepares students to interpret conversations during routine appointments and emergencies, as well as translating documents for clients. Understanding anatomy, physiology, ethics, and terminology is a serious endeavor we do not take lightly as one simple mistake could have fatal consequences. Just by enrolling in our 60hr online medical interpreter course students are immediately set up to exceed expectations✅. If an official medical interpreter license is desired, the National Board of Medical Interpreters Exam only requires 40 hours of course instruction. If additional preparation for the licensing exam is desired, we have designed an advanced medical interpreter exam prep course to help students who have passed our standard course.


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