Immigration Interpreting & How To Find A Job When Class Ends


Immigration interpreting is a rewarding career for bilingual adults to pursue. Especially in the context of immigration, facilitating conversation for Limited English Proficient (LEP) immigrant adults during their legal proceedings is essential. Whether it's working asylum seekers, refugees, or ESL speakers (English as a Second Language) during immigration hearings, immigration interpreters play a crucial role for those who require their services.

Our online immigration interpreter training course is a 45-hour, 7-week program that is by expert instructors who have real-world experience as immigration interpreters. Having created a highly engaging and unique curriculum, each class happens LIVE through our video chat platform that brings the classroom to your home. Immigration interpreting training teaches students the vocabulary, as well as interpreter strategies and techniques that are essential for a successful career.

But once class is over, what do you do next? Where do you look for a job?


3 Job search resources for immigration interpreting students:


1. Job sites 

Job search websites like LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, Indeed and countless others, exist to connect you with employers. You would use these platforms to find an immigration interpreting job just as you would find any other job. Places like immigration law offices, courts and nonprofit organizations are always looking to fill open positions with bilingual candidates- so start there!

Tip: try searching "immigration interpreter jobs in (your city)" or "immigration interpreting in (your city)"


2. Law offices & Citizenship buildings

immigration interpreting, public service interpretingLegal firms and government agencies are always looking for bilingual employees. Government bodies at state, local and federal levels require Language Service Providers (LSPs) to assist with things like asylum interviews, court proceedings, and citizenship ceremonies. Checking government office websites, calling your local immigration office or refugee resettlement agencies are great places to start your job search. Once you complete an immigration interpreter course, you can find work at a variety of different organizations- you just have to look in the right places!

Tip: don't be afraid to get social! Check Facebook for groups and events that are hosting meetups and get networking,


3. Our career workshop

After every interpreter training course there is a career workshop for our graduates. We can help you with your resume, and more resources on where to look for an internship or a job. The workshop is optional, but is a great networking opportunity especially for new grads. Completing an immigration interpreting class with us is one of the best things you can do for your future. Contact us to find out more!


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