Zoom and Online Interpreter Training

In the age of social distancing, online communication platforms such as Zoom have allowed companies to continue to conduct their business. We’re proud to offer online interpreter training courses via Zoom. Our highly engaging online classes, combined with live instructor-led interactive webinars are easy to access from wherever you are.

Zoom is a video conference platform that allows people to communicate through the webcam and microphone built into their computer. The platform possesses a variety of features that allow students to take interpreter classes online. First and foremost, Zoom has an easy-access chat room that allows participants to post questions or comments related to the meetings. Participants can even use this function to raise their hand. These features are essential for an interpreter training program online. Although some online classes can afford to simply assign work and require students to submit their assignments electronically with limited teacher interaction, interpreter courses require close interaction between students and their instructor. By providing users with a simulated classroom environment that allows for close instruction and participation, Zoom gives students the tools they need to learn and practice their interpretation skills through an online interpreter training program.

How Zoom Helps Teachers Conduct Online Interpreter Training Classes

Zoom also provides teachers with a number of helpful features to conduct their online interpreter training classes. One of the most useful features of Zoom is that it allows users to share their computer screen with others in their meeting. This feature is valuable in a variety of ways. First, it gives teachers the power to show their slides or notes with the class, allowing them to lecture to their students with the help of a visual aid. Second, it allows students to show their work with their teacher if they are stuck or need clarification.

These features are critical when conducting an online interpreter training class. For instance, when conducting an online medical interpreter training course, teachers can project slides related to human anatomy as a visual aid. The same can be said for online legal interpreter training classes. In order to illustrate a legal concept or perhaps facilitate discussion, teachers can use the screen share feature to project a specific line of a legal code to their students. Clearly, Zoom is a highly functional platform that provides a simulated classroom environment for both students and teachers and can be easily used to facilitate online interpreter training courses in the age of the coronavirus and beyond.

Language Connections and Online Interpreter Training

We are proud to use Zoom as our online communications tool for our online interpreter training platform. Through Zoom, students can access live interactive webinars taught by skilled language professionals with expertise in their chosen fields of interpretation. Zoom also allows teachers to provide close instruction to their students. Combining our technical acumen with the fact that we extensive experience as an interpreter school, trust us to jumpstart your interpretation career.

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