Can Interpreter School prepare you for a Remote Interpreting career?

Most people think of interpreting as something that must be conducted on-site, like at the United Nations or during an important international business meeting. Yet with the rise of telecommunications platforms that has come with the coronavirus outbreak, remote interpreting has emerged as a popular alternative for companies and organizations requiring interpreting services. Receiving an interpreter certification online at an accredited interpreter school can help prospective interpreters break into this new and exciting branch of interpretation.

Learning Remote Interpreting at an Interpreter School

Remote interpreting refers to the process by which interpreters can translate without being physically present for the event. This process is typically facilitated through video conferencing platforms such as Skype or Zoom, which allows multiple users to communicate at the same time (provided they have an adequate internet connection). This method of interpretation has applications for a variety of fields including medicine. Because of the coronavirus outbreak and the unavailability of doctors in certain parts of the country, many healthcare professionals have turned to telemedicine to monitor their patients. Similarly, many businesses that work internationally rely on remote medical interpreting to facilitate business meetings in which the participants do not share a common language.

Although these fields of remote interpreting require specialized knowledge, taking interpreter courses online at an interpreter school provides essential training to succeed in the field. For example, online medical interpreter training programs cover basic medical concepts and vocabulary to students, ensuring that they’re able to accurately interpret a patient’s description of their symptoms for the doctor to evaluate. Online legal interpreter training courses do the same with legal vocabulary, preparing their students for the tense atmosphere of legal cases.

Language Connections as an Interpreter School for Remote Interpreting

Clearly, remote interpreting is an exciting field that offers plenty of job opportunities. Additionally, with opportunities ranging from the medical industry to the legal world, remote interpreting is a truly dynamic field that possesses the power to radically change how organizations operate. As a language services provider with over three decades of experience as an interpreter school, Language Connections’ online interpreter training team are uniquely prepared to serve as your teacher. Taught by skilled language professionals through a series of live, in-person webinars, L.C.’s courses are sure to provide the essential formation to propel you to success in the expanding world of remote interpreting.  

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