English Training To Explain 3 "April Fools" Idioms & Sayings


English training doesn't have to be boring. In fact, you usually learn more when you are having fun. So this April Fool's Day, let's have some fun and learn together! While historians debate over its' origins, the first distinguishable reference comes from a poem by Eduard de Dene written in 1561. In the poem, a nobleman sends his servant on mindless errands, who at some point realizes he was sent on fool's errands because it was April 1.

All across the world, people today still celebrate the April 1 by pranking their family, friends and coworkers. Despite being an unofficial holiday in the United States, you might see people getting into mischeif or you might hear them saying peculiar things in order to trick you into being their fool. Here's some examples:


3 Idioms & sayings to celebrate April Fool's Day:

1. Saying: "Fool me once"

The full saying is "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." This is a common saying, that essentially means the first time I get fooled is YOUR fault. But if I fall for the same prank, trick or mistake a second time then it is MY fault. You should have known better the second time, because you should have learned your lesson but you didn't.  Sometimes people will just say "fool me once" as a short way to let the person know "I fell for it this time, you got me. But I'm going to smarten up so that there won't be a next time."

2. Idiom: "hit the hay"

Working as a translatorOn April 1, you might hear people saying peculiar things. Idioms are common expressions, things you hear people saying that they don't mean literally. April 1st is a day where you will most likely hear them. If someone says "hit the hay" they aren't asking you to go over and punch a barrel of hay. They are saying you need to go to sleep, because back in history people used to sleep on hay. So hitting the hay means lying down to sleep on something soft, like a bed... or hay, if that's what you prefer.

3. Saying: "April Fools!"

On April 1st, people are going to try and trick you. They will ask you to sit down, and when you do, there might be a whoopee cushion hidden in the seat somewhere. It's a small toy that looks like a balloon, but when you sit on it, it makes a farting noise. And the children will blame you for farting and run away laughing and shouting "April Fools!" If someone says this to you, you have either fallen for their trick or joke, and that's how you will know that you have become someone's fool.

Now that you know, don't be someone's April Fool!


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