Interpreter Certifications: Can You Find Remote Work?

Technological developments have created new opportunities for interpreters. One of the biggest advantages of working as an interpreter is being able to work remotely. It gives them the opportunity to do jobs in remote locations, or even handle several different jobs in different places in a single day!  While physically being at home, you could travel the world and escape working in the same office day after day.  It’s all thanks to having the freedom to do Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) or Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).

What Interpreter certifications will get me remote work?

There are many different fields in which remote interpreters can work in. There are hospitals that need interpreters in order to communicate with their patients, banks that require assistance during international meetings, insurance agencies, as well as government offices where legal interpreters are needed. 
You could even work for emergency services like 9-1-1.

What Is the Right Interpreter Training for Me?

As you can see, there are many ways to work remotely as an interpreter. But which specific interpreter classes match your individual needs? Choose interpreter training based on a combination of what you’re interested in and which field offers the best salaries and employment rate in your area. For example, if a big salary is the key factor determining your decision, a legal interpreter training might be the right choice for you.  This is especially true if you’re proficient in less common languages.  There are also medical interpreter courses that teach you how to work as an interpreter in jobs with hospitals or pharmaceutical companies, in case you have a background in the medical field or are interested in the topic. Another option you might be intrigued by is community interpreter training. This would be the right fit if you want to work as a bilingual social worker, for example. There’s also customized interpreter training for individuals who need even more specific courses. So whatever field you decide to work in, there will be a matching interpreting training for you!

Where can I acquire an Interpreter Certification?

Not everybody can call themselves a certified interpreter. In order to have the benefits of working as a remote interpreter, getting an interpreter certification that authenticates your proficiency and familiarity regarding the subject you focus on will help you immensely on the job market. Language Connections can help you to get the interpreter certification of your needs by providing you with interpreter certification programs taught and developed by well-experienced interpreters.

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