Getting your court interpreter certification online takes can take time and hard work. Legal interpreters must be talented in multiple types of interpreting to allow for communication that would not have been possible. Three tasks you will learn in online legal interpreter training are sight translation, consecutive interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting.

Online Legal Interpreter Training: Sight Translation

Sight translation is the practice of reading a document in one language and translating it out loud into another language. The result is a mix of translation and interpretation, which is a skill that is required often for legal interpretation. In online legal interpreter training, this can be difficult to learn, but very much useful in legal situations. For example, sight translating a written witness statement in court allows proceedings to continue without losing a lot of time. If you are going to be getting your court interpreter certification, you will be sure to see sight translation in the lineup.

Online Legal Interpreter Training: Consecutive Interpreting

Moving onto the next task in online legal interpreter training, consecutive interpreting is the most popular one. This is when the speaker pauses after every few sentences and the interpreter jumps in and translates. Part of training for this in court interpreter online courses includes note-taking, which is made possible because of the pauses for the interpreter. One benefit of this task is that it does not require fancy materials and technology: only a pen and paper to take notes.

Online Legal Interpreter Training: Simultaneous Interpreting

Lastly, simultaneous interpreting is when an interpreter translates in real-time. This can lead to a better flow for listeners because there are no gaps, unlike in consecutive interpreting. This is not the most popular task for legal interpreting because it requires materials (like headphones or a sound-proof booth) for listeners of different languages to be able to hear it, although it is used if there are capabilities available. In online legal interpreter training, the main skill of this task is being able to think and interpret both quickly and accurately, which is an important part of the training. Another piece of the online court interpreter training for simultaneous interpreting is voice control and portraying tones accurately.

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