Intepreter Training On-Site


Tailored Interpreter Training Solutions that Address Your Core Competencies
For more than 20 years, businesses and organizations have chosen Language Connections for their employee training and development.
We develop tailored Interpreter Training programs that address your organization’s core competencies and specific needs. Our professionals, reliable and engaging instructors and language coaches will conduct in-person Medical, Legal or Community Interpreter Training on-site at your location.


Whether you are looking to improve your staff interpreters’ skills through additional training or you are interested in training your bilingual staff to become competent medical interpreters, we have several interpreter training programs that we can tailor to your needs to help you reach your particular goals. Our Medical Interpreter Training programs on-site include (but are not limited to):

1) Medical Interpreter Training Course on-site
Our 60-hour Fundamentals of Medical Interpreting course is developed for bilingual health care staff and volunteers to perform the role of a competent medical interpreter in accordance with the national standards of practice and code of ethics, as developed by the National Council on Interpreting and Health Care.

2) Advanced Interpreter Training Course on-site
This Advanced Interpreter Training Course is a continuing education programs for interpreters.
It was designed for medical interpreters who want develop their skills and increase their proficiency in specific clinical topics continuing education programs for interpreters.

3) Customized Medical Interpreter Training
We develop Customized Medical Interpreter Training programs that are conducted on-site. These programs are based on the size, complexity, and individual needs of our clients.

4) Cross-cultural training for health care organizations
Our team of instructors conducts comprehensive cultural awareness assessments and develops Cross-Cultural Training for health care organizations interested in improving their staff members’ cultural competence.



The Business and Community Interpreter Training is a training program geared for educational, social services, immigration services, business or general community interpreting, as needed.
The Business and Community Interpreter Training course was developed for interpreters who work in businesses, schools, community services, government organizations or to interpreters who work in all three areas.

The type of Interpreter training program depends upon each particular group of interpreters it is presented to. The training curriculum is customized to meet the group’s specific needs.

Our Business and Community Interpreter Training programs on-site include (but are not limited to):

1) Educational Interpreting

The main responsibility of an educational interpreter is to convert spoken words from one language into another to provide communication services for non-English speaking individuals in a school setting.
In this type of environment, educational interpreters translate lesson plans into another language for foreign students,integrate English language training into regular educational studies, provide clear communication between teachers and parents with limited English proficiency, interpreter at IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings at public schools.

2) Interpreting for Immigration and Naturalization Services

Immigration and Naturalization Services are very important to a client seeking citizenship or residency. Immigration Interpreters understand that effective and accurate interpretation can make a significant difference in an immigration hearing. Even the slightest miscommunication can send the wrong message to the immigration officer, resulting in the denial of a visa or even deportation. Immigration Interpreters provide reliable and professional immigration-interpretation services to its clients in order to ensure the most accurate communication.
Unlike immigration court, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services do not provide an interpreter for immigration interviews. An applicant must find his or her own interpreter for the interview.

3) Business Interpreting

Business interpreters provide consecutive and simultaneous communication for functions such as multilingual conferences, boardroom meetings, multi-cultural events, trade shows and business negotiations.
Business interpreters must have excellent skills in the given language combination and technical knowledge in the field specified by the client.


Business Interpreting is ideal for situations such as:

• Conferences
• Exhibitions
• Business Meetings
• Negotiations
• Study Visits
• Dinners



Our existing Legal and Court Interpreter Training curriculum can be adapted to meet our client’s specific needs. The length of training can also be customized to fit your organization’s needs: 2 days, 3 days, 4 days or longer. The curriculum focuses on topics essential to the court interpreter, including:

• Ethics for court interpreters
• Courtroom procedures and protocol
• Legal procedure
• Interpreting modes and techniques
• Legal concepts and terminology
• Skill development (consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and sight translation)
• Specialized vocabulary, including slang, drug, weaponry and immigration terms