Pros and Cons of Interpreter Training on Zoom 2020

Interpreter training on Zoom has reshaped online interpreter training, even though much of what defines a good student remains the same. Though Zoom is used online language training courses today, it is possible that will change again in the future. For that reason, it is important to consider pros and cons of Zoom in order to take the best of both learning models into classes in the future. 

Cons of Interpreter Training on Zoom

Language training demands practice for online interpreters which requires inclusive group methods of teaching. For this reason, some are skeptical of interpreter training on Zoom. Even though interpreter classes online strive to replicate a physical classroom, there are certain limitations. Because Zoom is exclusively virtual, Zoom fatigue can affect students. There is also always the chance that technical issues will interrupt class.

Pros of Interpreter Training on Zoom 2020

On the other hand, many of the problems associated with interpreter training on Zoom  are true of traditional classrooms as well. Technology is prevalent in all classrooms, and teachers and students in an interpreter school online will all expect there to be issues from time to time. Classes and studying can be fatiguing in general, so it is important for students to learn how they learn best no matter the circumstances.

Then, it is important to account for the benefits of Zoom. Online courses can bring together a more diverse group of people better than we could before as time zones and geographic barriers can be overcome. An interpreter training program online will actually help teach students competency with technology. Even if we do not know the future of interpreter school and interpreter courses online, we know the future depends on video remote interpreting.

What to Expect from Interpreter Training on Zoom

Much like during an in-person class, students will study an Interpreter's core competencies.  With interpreter training on Zoom, students will engage with easy-to-follow live instructor led interactive webinars. During interpreter school, students will practice and master their industry terminology to sharpen their interpreting skills. This is done in live practice sessions online with native speaking language instructors. Another important resource students should not underestimate is that they will have access to online course materials, videos, and assignments from anywhere through the online student portal.

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