Medical Interpreter Training

Medical Interpreter Training Course - Reduced Version

If Medical Interpreter Training course is not offered in your target language, you can take the Reduced Version of the course.

Medical Interpreter Training Reduced VersionThe main course consists of 3 parts: Interpreter’s Core Competencies, Anatomy and Physiology and Language Practice in the Target Language.

The Reduced Version of the course consists of 2 parts (Interpreter’s Core Competencies AND Anatomy and Physiology) without the 3rd part (which is Language Practice). The Reduced Version of the course is 40 hours total.

As a part of your homework you will receive Medical Terminology lists (that you will need to translate with a dictionary at home) and Role Plays that you will practice on your own. A 15-hour internship at a healthcare facility under the supervision of a trained interpreter of your target language is recommended after the course.

If you decide to take the Reduced Version of the course you won’t have to pay the full course fee. You will receive a 50% discount off the course fee. Before you start you will need to take a Free ESL test (English as a Second language).

If you have any questions about Reduced Version please contact:

Student Support Team at (617) 277-1990.