Discover Where Language Interpreting Takes You: Interpreting for the BIO International Convention

Every assignment is something different as an interpreter. You constantly learn new information, and meet a countless number of knowledgeable and influential people. Check out the work of interpreters at a recent BIO Convention!  

June 15th-18th marked the 2015 meeting of the BIO International Convention, an event focused on Biotechnology. Over 15,000 representatives of companies focused on international life science innovation and application gathered in Philadelphia to discuss the current and future advances and implications of the bio industry.  This large, international crowd required the help of many language interpreters and translators, and we provided conference interpreting and other services for the event!

Discover Where - PhiladelphiaTurkish Interpreters: The Turkish interpreters were responsible for simultaneous interpretation at a panel discussing Turkey’s efforts to increase economic growth through biotechnological advances. The panel had six speakers, ranging from the Managing Director of the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, to the Senior VP for International Affairs of BIO itself.

 Mandarin Interpreters: The Mandarin interpreters provided simultaneous interpretation for a discussion entitled “Recent Development in Technical Review of Biosimilar in China”. The presentation, given by Dr. Yang Jinbo of the China FDA, discussed regulatory issues and advances in the biopharmaceutical market in China.

Discover Where - Mandarin InterpreterSpanish Interpreters: The Spanish interpreters worked at a panel on the success of biotechnology in Latin America and current investment initiatives. They provided simultaneous interpreting for a panel of three. They also interpreted for a session discussing regulations, guidelines, and trends in biotherapeutics in Latin America.

Russian Interpreters: The Russian interpreters provided guided interpretation (with
portable equipment) for Luidmila Ogorodova, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, and Ilya Kazeev of the Life Science Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. They toured the MossRehab Center and provided interpretation for meetings and Bioeconomy and Biotechnology discussions throughout the day.

Interpreting and translating exposes you to new information and people regularly. It not only gives you the chance to bridge language barriers and create meaningful connections between people globally, but keeps you informed about cutting edge information and happenings worldwide. This is true, not just for the Biotechnology sector, but for any industry you can think of!
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