The Importance of Continuing Education for Medical Interpreters

The field of medicine is constantly evolving.  Breakthroughs in healthcare are discovered and introduced into mainstream every year. These changes in the medical field not only include terminology and treatments, but also the code of ethics that reflects cultural and societal evolution.  To keep their skills and knowledge current and sharp medical interpreters must periodically attend continuing education conferences, seminars and workshops.   

Here are 7 main reasons why medical interpreters need to continue their education:

1) To stay in touch with these advancements in medicine and to keep their knowledge and abilities up-to-date

2) To get the new tools needed to act with confidence as a competent medical interpreter

3) To provide improved quality of care for patients, as professional trained medical interpreters are known to improve patient outcomes

4) To enhance communication between healthcare providers and patients

5) To have increased marketability to hospitals and other healthcare facilities

6) To improve their ability to facilitate communication in the healthcare field

7) Many healthcare providers require a similar amount of continuing education from interpreters, as they do from nurses and doctors.

Medicine is a field where its professionals especially must change with the times throughout a career. Evolving in your role as a medical interpreter involves taking this growth and development to the next level. This level of professional development includes dedicating yourself to enhancing your knowledge over time, keeping your skills sharp and networking with other medical interpreters to broaden your horizons.

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