3 Key Memory Tips from Immigration Court Interpreter Training

Immigration court interpreter training teaches students how to bridge cultures under strenuous circumstances. Specifics are important, but memory and context give interpreters room to work. Using the memory of your native language with the context of other words in the sentence can help a beginner interpreter to improvise when they encounter an unfamiliar word.

Work with Words You Know during Immigration Court Interpreter Training

Immigration court interpreter training teaches students that synonyms will get your meaning across faster than struggling for the exact right word. An immigration court interpreter program will expose students to new memory techniques. As students become comfortable with listening and speaking at the same time, they will learn that they only need to understand a couple of words from a conversation in a foreign language to be able to gather meaning.

Immigration Court Interpreter Training and Antonyms

When trying to find an alternative description using words you do know, stating the exact opposite of a word can work in certain scenarios. Immigration court interpreter training prepares students for a unique audience of trained legal professionals. People in a courtroom setting are also working with a certain knowledge base that an interpreter can tap into. For that reason, immigration interpreting classes online demonstrates to students that process of elimination can also work as a powerful tool.

Get More Specific with Immigration Court Interpreter Training

Interpreters can always find a more specific word. Or, failing that, assess how important the word really is to your story. As students take part in immigration court interpreter training they will realize that some phrases can be skipped over either because they are implied, assumed, or are not crucial information. Deciding all of this at once might seem like a serious case of cognitive overload. An immigration court interpreter course will teach a succinct specificity that is a core skill for interpreters.

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