12 Things to Know Before Dating a Translator

What is it like to date a translator? If you are already dating a translator, well done – you have great taste! Translators are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!

With Valentine's Day approaching, we decided to share advice on what others should know before dating a translator!

Here are 12 things you need to know before dating a translator:

1. At a restaurant, we will try to find a mistake in the menu

2. We will ask you for more context

3. We never stop working

4. We will correct your grammar all the time

5. We will use other languages to make the situation less awkward… and to swear at you too.

6. We will stay up all night working

7. We expect you to know the difference between a translator and an interpreter

8. We like eavesdropping into foreign people’s conversations, especially when they don’t think anyone can understand them.  

9. We like making jokes about languages, and we also like laughing at words that have funny or vulgar meanings in other languages.

10. If you’re from a different country, we will try and learn your language, no matter what you think about it.

11. Our music taste is pretty diverse. We manage to cram songs in 10 different languages onto a single CD!

12. Don’t take us to a foreign film with English subtitles unless you want to hear, “that was a terrible translation”, or “they got the context totally wrong here” or “what were they thinking using that word?”.

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