TEFL Certificate Program

TEFL Certificate Program

TEFL Certificate Program

administered by Language Connections

The 120-hour TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate Program was developed to qualify participants to work as an English/ESL/EFL teacher in the US and abroad.

We are accepting applications for our 4-week TEFL Certificate Training Program that starts on October 8, 2018 and ends on November 3, 2018.

Space in the training program is limited and is filling up quickly. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the course is full.


Our Full-time TEFL certification course lasts for 4 weeks.
The course meets 5 days a week Monday through Friday: 9 am - 4 pm.



TEFL certificate course has a very practical emphasis and is focused on training participants to teach English with the international standard communicative approach.
There is no requirement to speak any language other than English, as English is the only language used in the classroom.
Our TEFL Program covers the following subjects:Teaching Techniques, Language Awareness, Foreign Language Exposure, Creating Student Profile, Materials Project, Teaching Practice.


$1890 ($50 non-refundable registration fee, $200 deposit plus $1640 course fee)
To reserve their seat in the course students are required to pay a $50 registration fee and a $200 deposit (online, by credit card or a check).
If they are not accepted into the program, they will receive a $250 deposit and registration fee refund.
($200 discount off the course fee for all returning students)


TEFL Certificate Program4 weeks (120 hours):
The course meets 5 days a week Monday – Friday:9 am – 4 pm.


(subject to change)
Language Connections LLC
2001 Beacon Street, Suite 105
Boston, MA 02135


Students will receive 6-20 hours of practicum (live practice teaching and observation with actual non-native English speakers and NOT role-playing with fellow TEFL classmates);


TEFL Program for Non-Native Speakers of English:
In order to be accepted into the program non-native speakers of English are required to demonstrated advanced level of spoken and written English by completing the ESL test.


Language Proficiency Requirement:
All applicants (native and non-native speakers alike) are required to take an ESL test to enroll in the program.


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If you have any questions about our program, terms and prices please contact:
Customer Service at (617) 277-1990.