Online interpreter training program. The importance of live instructors in your learning process

Online interpreter training courseThe world of online education looks vast and boundless. Oftentimes finding the right course that suits one well is not an easy task. There are many criteria that have to be considered – curriculum, price, level of difficulty, prerequisites, duration, course reviews – you name it!

In the field of online interpreting training programs, the important factor you have to take into account is a course format which can be either self-paced, or instructor-led. Indeed, both of them have their pros and cons, and for some people this criterion is just a matter of preference. However, if you choose to become an interpreter, the instructor-led programs will be more beneficial to make first steps on a new career path. At Language Connections, we advocate for instructor-led online interpreter training courses as we provide those ourselves for the following reasons:


Online interpreter training program taught by live instructors promotes effective learning process

While self-paced courses give you lower cost and time flexibility, an instructor-led program designs an engaging learning environment where you can participate in discussion, ask questions, get feedback, and assist other students. That environment propels your learning progress and enriches your experience. You don’t feel isolated or stuck with complicated material, and you are not easily distracted during the virtual class.  Furthermore, real learning settings, online or offline, is the best setup to master oral and auditory skills which constitute the core skills of an interpreter. You will get valuable practical experience. For instance, at Language Connections, we offer online interpreting programs with sufficient amount of language practice and with modeling real life situations that might occur in your future.  Our expert instructors can tailor their approaches to the needs of a specific group of students and share their first-hand insights, best practices and hacks from their working experience.


Instructor-led online interpreter training program provides support in your learning process

When you decide to enroll into an online interpreter training course led by instructors, you will become a part of the group of future interpreters as well as a part of the learning community. That means you will have real support not only from your teachers, but also from your peers. Questions and doubts can be addressed in a timely manner, and practice in mini-groups can be easily organized. Also, these settings bring an excellent opportunity for networking – your classmate or instructor can be of great help in the future.


Online interpreter training program with live instructors gives you motivation to complete the course

Students often drop self-paced online courses, especially, when the material gets more complicated and they can’t ask an instructor questions for clarification. This may happen because self-paced interpreter programs heavily rely on self-discipline and personal motivation. Instructor-led programs, on the contrary, provide students with the necessary support and structure to help them complete their course in a certain amount of time. The online interpreter training courses offered by Language Connections have a good reputation and a low course dropout rate. At the end of the course students who passed the final test, receive a certificate of completion that will help them lend a job in a reputable company or an organization.

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