english language program

Online Beginning ESL Program (General English)

In the Beginning ESL level, you will:

  • Learn basic English vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure;  Online ESL Placement Test
  • Describe nouns using adjectives;
  • Describe your daily activities using adverbs of frequency;
  • Describe locations using prepositions;
  • Ask and answer simple questions in the Present Simple and Past Simple Tense;
  • Describe actions happening now by using the Present Progressive Tense.
  • Make suggestions using let’s
  • Ask for permission using can and may.
  • Read and understand short stories and write basic sentences.



Our specialized ESL placement test will determine your personal English level and find the right class for you.


If you have any questions about our program, terms and prices please contact:
Customer Service at (617) 277-1990.