english language program

Online Advanced ESL Program

Online Advanced ESL Program (General English)

In the Online Advanced ESL level you will:

  • Use different types of Past, Present, and Future tenses more accurately and in complex combinations; Online ESL Placement Test
  • Express real and unreal conditions, necessity and certainty by using modal verbs;
  • Describe objects, places, people and situations using nouns, adjectives, and adverb clauses
  • Use and understand the Passive Voice.
  • Review details such as articles, quantifiers, and noun modifiers.
  • Read and understand longer articles and write essays.
  • Improve your pronunciation, intonation, and American accent so you are more easily understood by native speakers
  • Understand how tone changes meaning
  • Correctly stress, link, back chain, and chunk words and sentences
  • Give individual and group presentations, discussions and debates.



Our specialized ESL placement test will determine your personal English level and find the right class for you.


If you have any questions about our program, terms and prices please contact:
Customer Service at (617) 277-1990.