Community Interpreter Training Can Get You a Job in the Financial Industry

Community Interpreters in the Financial Industry

Community Interpreter in the Financial Industry

American businesses in all industries frequently rely on the assistance of community interpreters in order to communicate accurately with their clients.  The financial industry is no exception to this trend. Some of their clients may need help with a wide range of financial issues, such as opening accounts, maximizing their investments, and taking out loans.  Community interpreters can make themselves especially marketable to banks, investment firms, and other financial companies by building a strong knowledge base of the financial field and relevant vocabulary for the industry.  Given the fact that the financial industry is a substantial part of the American industry, community interpreting is a promising field to be in these days.

The Process of Community Interpreter Training

The first step is to make sure you have a proficient skill set in your target language as well as in English. To find out if your language abilities are sufficient to community interpreter, you will most likely have to complete an assessment test prior to the community interpreter training. Thus, in order to become a community interpreter, it is advisable to participate in a community interpreting program that teaches not only the role of a community interpreter and the standards of practice, but also the different topics that community interpreters face in their careers. For instance, if you decide to work in the world of finance, knowledge of mortgage contracts, credit card services, and other banking-related topics can prove highly advantageous. Accordingly, you should take community interpreter classes that lead to a community interpreter certificate if you want to prevail against competitors in the job market.

Why do Financial Firms Want Certified Community Interpreters?

Community interpreters are coveted by financial firms for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, catering to the language needs of customers makes clients happy.  It increases their trust in the company and the likelihood that they will return for more services in the future. Secondly, providing language services for customers who need them is often required by law.  Failure to comply could prove disastrous for businesses short of cash, as they would likely have to pay a hefty fine. Finally, the given state of the global economy necessitates the hiring of community interpreters. Four of the top five trading partners of the U.S. (Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, and Germany) are non-English speaking according to the United States Census Bureau. These four countries represent 38.2% of total U.S. trade with foreign countries. Clearly, the global nature of commerce and finance today requires businesses to take seriously the language needs of their foreign clients.  This obviously gives community interpreters the upper hand in the interpreter job market.

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