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Discover the best resources, tips and ideas that will quickly improve your Business English speaking and writing skills!


Business English is in Demand

Business EnglishMany companies are international in scope and speaking English can help you work with colleagues all over the world. English is the world’s most common language in business and a knowledge of business English terms and common cultural practices is always an asset.




Business English Course Can Help your Career

Business English Course

If you’ve been studying English, you probably speak enough English to get by in everyday conversation, read newspapers, watch TV and movies. You may also speak enough English to have conversations with native English speakers and to travel. But if you are interested in pursuing your career you will benefit from studying business English.



Better English Speaking Skills - Better Job!

Business English CourseLearning Business English, mastering your English speaking skills and pronunciation, reducing your foreign accent, can help you impress a potential employer, improve your chances of getting a job and lead to career advancement for those of you already employed.



7 Tips to Help ESL Students Give Amazing Oral Presentations

Presentation tips for advanced ESL studentsEnglish presentations are hard, especially if you aren’t a native speaker, but giving an outstanding presentation is actually easier than you think... Presenting is nerve-racking in your mother tongue, forget standing up and giving a presentation in a foreign language!



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