Business English Program

Business English Course - Q & A


Business English Course

1) Why should I choose your Business English course?

Language Connections is committed to providing its students with academic excellence and the highest standards in the field of language training.

Our Business English course was designed to encourage the highest achievement of every student, by defining the knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire during this course.Our program will teach you advanced ESL skills necessary for professional growth and social success. You will quickly build your vocabulary and improve your English communication skills through our expert classroom instruction and exciting speaking activities (including role-plays, presentations and discussions) that recreate real common workplace scenarios.

Business English Course

2) Who can attend the Business English Course?

High intermediate and advanced students who successfully passed Language Assessment ESL Test and are interested in improving their English communication skills in the workplace and in social interactions.
No degree is required. No prerequisite courses are required.


3) How much does the Business English Course cost?

The total cost of the 8-week 32-hour Business English Course including all the materials is $850 ($50 non-refundable registration fee and $800 course fee).

After we receive your application and your $50.00 registration fee, we will schedule the Language Assessment test with you.

If accepted, participants are required to submit $800 course fee and a signed Student Participation Agreement prior to the first class. You can pay with a check, credit card or cash.

Business English Course

4) When will the next Business English Course start?

We start new courses every 2 months. Register for our next Business English course today.

If you would like to receive regular updates about upcoming courses please sign up for our Newsletter.


5) Where will the Business English Course be held?

Our course location is subject to change.

Please check our Program Overview Page to see the updated location address for the upcoming session.


6) How can I register for the Business English course?

Please go to our Registration page, fill out the online form and pay a $50 registration fee online to register for the next upcoming course.


Business English Course

7) Will I receive a Certificate after completing the Business English Course?

Yes, if you attend all the classes and successfully complete the training you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


8) Who is going to teach this Business English Course?

All the instructors of the Business English Program are native speakers of English. They are all university trained and have a degree in language education and years of experience teaching adults in the United States and abroad.


9) What happens if I fail the ESL Language Assessment Pre-test?

This Business English course was developed for high intermediate and advanced students.
If you fail the ESL Language Assessment Pre-test you will be placed in a low intermediate or beginner ESL group according to your level.

10) Do you offer any financial aid?

Sorry, we do not offer any financial aid. Students are required to pay the full fee prior to the first class.


11) Are payment plans available? Business English Course

For students who are unable to pay the course fee ($800) in full prior to the first class we offer the following option: you can pay 50% of the course fee ($400) 2 weeks before the course starts to reserve a seat in the course and 50% ($400) on the first day of the course.
The registration fee ($50) should be paid with one payment.

You can make these payments with a check, a money order, credit card or cash.

12) Can you help me get a student visa?

Sorry, we can't help you get a visa. Our course is a part time program and you need to be a full time student to be able to get a student visa.


13) Can I take the Business English course online without attending classes?

No, unfortunately you can’t. The Business English program is not available online.


14) What does the program cover?

  • The program covers:
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Writing

Please see Course Description page for more detail.

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