Video Remote Interpreting Training



1) What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

VRI TrainingVideo remote interpreting is a videotelecommunication service that uses devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide sign language or spoken language interpreting services. This is done through a remote or offsite interpreter, in order to communicate with persons with whom there is a communication barrier.


2) How does Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) work?

When in-person, on-site interpreting services are not immediately available, technology now provides for an interim solution in the form of off-site interpreting services, called Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).  VRI uses videoconferencing technology, equipment, and a high speed Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to provide the services of a qualified interpreter, usually located at a call center, to people at a different location.


3) Where is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) used?

VRI is currently being used in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, physicians’ offices, mental health care settings, police stations, schools, financial institutions, and workplaces.  Entities may contract for VRI services to be provided by appointment or to be available “on demand” 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  As such, there are significant possibilities for the use of VRI technology and services. While there are many benefits to using VRI services, there are limits to the effectiveness of VRI in some settings including but not limited to medical, legal, and court situations.  In such settings, the NAD strongly believes that VRI services should be provided only if on-site interpreter services are unavailable.


4) Why do companies need Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation with the on-demand nature of Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI). VRI is an effective solution for language barriers because it is instant, mobile and cost-effective.


5) Does this course cover VRI and OPI?

Yes, it does. In this course attendees will understand what over-the-phone-interpreting (OPI) entails, what remote video interpreting (RVI) is, and the skills and tools needed to develop an edge in these new professions. OPI and RVI are quickly replacing on-site interpreting to assist communication between doctors and patients, courtroom procedures, call centers and consumers, credit card companies and their users, insurance companies and claimants, investors and foreign partners, individuals in global social networks, and many others, including the public and government


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