Tips for Picking the Best TEFL Course

Tips for Picking the Best TEFL Course

TEFL courseIf you want to embark on an exciting adventure and teach English abroad, all you need is a TEFL qualification that ensures that you’re prepared to teach English as a foreign language. Picking an accredited TEFL training will be especially effective in showing potential employers that you are qualified for the job. Many schools will claim that their TEFL certificate is accredited by a third party. But how do you make sure that the TEFL course you are considering is truly accredited?  Here are 3 tips to help you pick the best TEFL courses for your career!


The TEFL courses are rigorous

Employers are looking for a serious, dedicated teacher who can truly have an impact on students. That’s why they will choose candidates with many hours of training.  Accredited TEFL programs require at least 100 hours of class time, usually spread over four weeks.  A course that requires anything less might not be the best choice!


You get hands-on experience

Before you start to work, you should get experience with actual EFL/ESOL students.  Less effective classes will just offer experience via role-playing with classmates. Accredited TEFL certification classes usually offer at least 6 hours of real classroom experience with students.  Some courses will even offer a kind of internship opportunity to accompany the class.


The price for the TEFL courses make sense

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So, if you’re considering a program that offers TEFL certification online for $80, look elsewhere. In fact, TEFL certification cost ranges from $1,000-$2,500. Anything lower than that is likely not accredited nor trustworthy.


It holds multiple accreditations

TEFL Certificate ProgramThere is no particular governing body that accredits TEFL certification courses, so it can be hard to determine if the accreditation is legitimate. Accreditation from a state education board in the United States does not allow you to teach English abroad, and so-called international accreditation from private organizations is not recognized in all countries nor accepted in the U.S.  The ideal TEFL program is one that offers both a state and international accreditation.

Language Connections offers a TEFL program in Boston that meets all the above requirements and is accredited internationally as well as in the United States. This company has a license from the Massachusetts government’s Division of Professional Licensure to operate as a Private Occupational School and offer accredited TEFL certification in MA, bringing you closer to your dream of teaching English—either abroad or as a TESOL teacher.


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