Student Information

I have been interpreting for family and friends for many years making mistakes like explaining what is said. Taking this course, I learned the Medical Interpreter's Role which was presented in a professional and interesting way.

Learning anatomy and terminology was a lot for me but the instructors helped me understand the syllabus in a smooth way.

I found great support and encouragement to my efforts; answering, explaining and facilitating helped me grasp the material in a nice manner.  The most important part was the practice of interpreting to the target language which is in my point of view the goal of the course. I have learned a lot in the three different classes.

Because of my great instructors; efficient and friendly I am proud of myself for learning so much in 7 weeks.

I will encourage and refer friends to this amazing course just as I was advised by a sincere friend to join in.

Thank you. Thank you 😊

 Martha Wanies

Arabic/English Medical interpreter

I am happy I joined this training with you with all the medical terms I learned with you I can now discuss different medical issues in Arabic language. I am proud!

I enjoyed the classes; I am really very happy that I met with you!

Bouchra Edderkaoui                       

Arabic / English Medical Interpreter  

Spanish Medical Interpreter Training

My name is Nantz Kerry Fleurant.

Today I just want to take my time to say thank you to you guys for all that knowledge I acquired during the medical interpreting training.

But specially I want to say thank you to my 3 teachers: Andrea, Irina, Marta, for their professionalism, the time they dedicated to us, helping us become good interpreters, please share my words of gratitude with them.


Nantz Kerry Fleurant  
Spanish/English Interpreter
Medical Interpreter Training

Community Interpreter Training Student TestimonialIt’s been an incredible journey to be able to learn with you all.

It seems like it was yesterday we were starting our classes and now we are on our final chapter. So it’s important to acknowledge our pros and cons.

It was all about Pros from our teachers to our behind the scenes staff. So much to learn, so much to share and most of all so much to add to our community and to our careers.

From our talented instructors Marta and Tereza, they are absolutely the best. They have so much knowledge and so much experience and so much to share. They are professional, talented, smart, humble and has so much experience in this business that I honestly feel honored and blessed to have learned with them and they also allowed us to share, they are very good listeners. We couldn't have had anyone better.  I appreciate you and your gift.

From behind the scenes making sure everything went well was Lana and Mari. I understand how hard it is to make sure everything works well and peaceful. So I thank you for making sure all the information was given, was delivered to us the best way as possible.

Thank You so much Team for this opportunity.


Alvaro Sena Rosa

Portuguese/English Interpreter

Community Interpreting Class.