Student Information

I took the Medical Interpreting training course last year and I can certainly say it was one of the best decisions ever. All the teachers are amazing and flexible to the student’s needs. I honestly felt, from all of them, and specially from our Portuguese teacher Aura Siewert, that the main priority was making sure that we left prepared to become the best professionals we could be and for that I am truly grateful.

After completing the program, I gained the confidence to become a freelance interpreter and now work with several agencies and hospitals. This was such a good experience that I recently came back to receive the legal interpretation training and plan, in the future, to attend the Business and Community training.

Joseanne Lopes, Portuguese Medical & Community Interpreter

Thank you very much for accepting me into the course, and furthermore teaching so well.
Your weekly classes were exciting and were a great source of practice for me, especially since Russian is not my native language.

I was the odd one out in your group. But thanks for all the kind words, encouragement and support during the course..
Your team has done a fantastic job on organizing, executing and adapting Medical interpreter Training to online Zoom format over a very short period of time, given the circumstances.
Please let me know if I can be of any service to you, and keep me in your good books for any opportunities that might come your way that might be a fit for me.

Bruce Thomas, St. Elizabeth Medical Center

Yesterday, after successful completion of third party test, I accepted an offer for a Medical Interpreter job at Tufts Medical Center. Thank you so much for preparing me well!

I became a Certified Medical Interpreter in the height of COVID-19 surge. I started the program in person and finished it on Zoom. And it was both: a good decision and a good experience. It was a good decision because in the ever-changing healthcare field you need all the advantages you can get. And it was a good experience because a practicing medical interpreter now needs to know how to work in person and on Zoom.

Thank you, Language Connections, for versatility and resilience during this crazy time!

Kseniya Synyavska, Russian Medical Interpreter, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA

My name is Maria, I am a native Russian speaker and a very fluent English speaker.

Last November I took the Russian Medical interpreter Training at Language Connections in Boston, MA.

Three months later, in February, I started working as an OPI (over-the-phone interpreter) for a nationally recognized leader in the field of remote interpreting. Later I started working as a Per Diem Interpreter for one of the clinical centers in the Longwood Medical Area as well as at Cross-Cultural Communications, Inc. (a contract agency).

In the year and a half since finishing the Language Connections course, I attained national certification with NBCMI.

The Language Connections course in Medical Interpreting prepared me well for my new profession and gave me confidence not only in medical vocabulary, but also in the area of the Medical Interpreters' Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards. The education I received at Language Connections was invaluable - it prepared me both for the interviewing process and for my daily work.

Maria Meylikhova, Russian Medical Interpreter in Boston