Student Information

My name is Maria, I am a native Russian speaker and a very fluent English speaker.

Last November I took the Russian Medical interpreter Training at Language Connections in Boston, MA.

Three months later, in February, I started working as an OPI (over-the-phone interpreter) for a nationally recognized leader in the field of remote interpreting. Later I started working as a Per Diem Interpreter for one of the clinical centers in the Longwood Medical Area as well as at Cross-Cultural Communications, Inc. (a contract agency).

In the year and a half since finishing the Language Connections course, I attained national certification with NBCMI.

The Language Connections course in Medical Interpreting prepared me well for my new profession and gave me confidence not only in medical vocabulary, but also in the area of the Medical Interpreters' Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards. The education I received at Language Connections was invaluable - it prepared me both for the interviewing process and for my daily work.

Maria Meylikhova, Russian Medical Interpreter in Boston

match-yf2a"I took the Legal and Court Interpreter training last year and I really enjoyed this program. I was impressed by your trainers, they were all very professional and had years of experience working as court interpreters. I learned a lot of legal terminology from them. They also taught me about court system that I didn't know before. I am working at a small law firm now translating legal documents and interpreting for clients and lawyers at immigration and naturalization interviews."


Simon, Spanish Legal Interpreter, Legal & Court interpreter Training,

 “I really enjoyed the course in medical interpretation. Teachers have a lot of experience and every class was a masterclass where I learnt a lot about Code of Ethics and Anatomy. Only few weeks after achieving my certificate I got an interpreter job in a hospital! I love interpreting for families and providers, helping them to understand each other.
So proud to take the course that improved my professional life!”


Maria Roser, Spanish interpreter at Boston Children's Hospital, Medical interpreter Training,

Xinmei-Ge-250I am so excited to share with you this good news:  I have had a very successful job interview this afternoon at Interpreters of North Shore, Inc. And here attached is a picture of my badge 🙂

I want to thank each one of you for your unique role in this precious medical interpreters training program. It has prepared us well. I have learned a lot from it!!

I'm writing to express my heartfelt appreciation to the excellent medical interpreter training program that I have just completed thanks to the joint effort of each teacher and staff at Language Connections. Although seven weeks is a short period of time and I was actually not so sure what I can learn during such a short frame of time, I was deeply impressed by the level of sophistication this training program has demonstrated and how well it has prepared students to be competent medical interpreters in their future careers. I love each one of our teachers. They are SO good! And I know that I have learned A LOT 🙂 My final written assessment score is 179.5 out of 180 and my oral assessment result is proficient.

What I've learned from this training program are SO helpful to my daily life. I frequently came upon medical terms in news broadcast, articles, and lab result reports and prescription instructions (for myself and my family members). I'm so excited to see that now I know so many of those medical terms that used to be long and seemingly intimidating 🙂 and I will continue this learning process now that I'm well equipped by this training program with core competency, fundamental and structural knowledge regarding anatomy and physiology, and study methods as exhibited and conveyed by each teachers and staffs - I've really enjoyed and benefited from the quizlet flashcards that you shared with us 🙂

Thank you so much!

All the best,

Xinmei, Chinese Medical Interpreter at International Medical Interpreters of the North Shore, Inc., Medical interpreter Training,