Chinese Medical InterpreterHello Tina,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being an amazing Mandarin Medical Interpreter instructor. I admire how professional and knowledgeable you are and really appreciate your selflessness in sharing your practical experience and resources with us without any hesitation.

I can't express enough how much I've enjoyed your classes since our first training session. As a Chinese Canadian, what helped me make the decision to take this training with Language Connections was your introduction and the conversation we had during my Medical Interpreter Language Assessment Pre-Test. I am so glad that I made the right choice so I didn’t miss this invaluable opportunity to learn from you and the other three excellent instructors.

I am truly grateful for your patience, support, and guidance. Your mentorship has made a significant impact on me, and I am more confident and excited about pursuing a career as a Mandarin Medical Interpreter because of your influence and inspiration.

Thank you again, Tina for everything you have done to help me become a competent medical interpreter. I much appreciated your amazing teaching and can't wait to put what I've learned into practice.

Yolanda, Mandarin Chinese Medical Interpreter